Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Rain's Tokyo Japan Fan Meeting

Rain's backup dancers getting fabulously famous!
Fun game with Rain and his dancers at the fan meeting -
who snores the loudest at night? All yellow fingers point to Bi! ;-)

Korean star Rain () met with 6,000 of his fans and 250 members of the Japanese media in Tokyo on 12 January 2009. It was dubbed Rain's New Year Fan Meeting and adopted the theme My Story.

Rain talked about his 5th album, Rainism and expressed that in his latest album, he tried to put more of himself into it by producing the album. Rain also unveiled a new music video, My Girl. The song was made for his fans and he proudly confessed that "my fans will always be there to cheer me up".

Rain also sang the Japanese version of Rainism at the fan meeting and the crowd cheered wildly at his efforts.

I sang Rainism in Japanese! Peace!

Rain will hold another fan meeting in Osaka on the 14th January at the Grand Cube Osaka. Another 5,000 fans will get to see him there!

Darling fans, if you are good, you get to follow me to Osaka.
I can put 5 of you in my luggage.

Rain in Six to Five garb. "I know I look weird,
but it's my label, I gotta wear the clothes"
Rain at the press conference
at Okura Hotel, Tokyo.

Source: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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Reyy said...

i could swear that top he's wearing in the fan meeting is the same one micky yoochun was wearing at the comeback showcase this year.
it looks exactly the same!
but anyway, good you rain!
rainism in english and now, japanese too(=

아이스Aiseu said...

u mean the one not in vest?
that one has six to five symbol on the collar...

Anonymous said...

Micky Yoochun wears Six to Five?

selva said...

the clothes are yeah funky but I like 'em on Rain. He's so great. And the song is good too. lol I still remember the government decision to ban the song lol

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

His mother must hide under the bed, every time she seems him in that stuff. The shoes should probably be either red or pink.

shinta said...

LMAO at your captions! Especially the "I can put 5 of you in my luggage!" haha!

Dora the Explorer said...

In the first picture, Rain looks like a giant.


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