Thursday, 8 January 2009

Seung-ri holds naughty party too?

Feelin': 'Oh here, let me cover that run in your pantyhose.'

Hey, that looks a lot like JYP's Naughty Party!

Well, that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw photos of Seung-ri heating up the stage at Mnet’s M Countdown on Jan 8.

The 19-year-old performed his debut solo effort entitled Strong Baby.

Aww, it looks like baby Big Bang is all grown up. Check out the sizzlin’ hot track complete with naughty dance routine and song lyrics! (Note: Seung-ri is replacing the catchy "crack" hook to "clap". I guess he sounds like he's pushing drugs by going "crack" all the time :-P).

Hmm...Strong Baby, huh? More like Notti Baby (spank, spank, spank, spank).

Touch ya: Seung-ri helps his dancer strrr-etch

You like it?: Seung-ri and gals having
a good time

Emergency: 'Dang it Seung-ri, I told you not to wolf down
that drumstick. Lucky I know the Heimlich manoeuvre'

Fire starter: Seung-ri gets tangled up
in some bad business

Booty grabber: 'Whoo hoo! Buns of steel!'

Source: MSN News

Seung Ri is not yet a man but a Strong Baby


elPasiRa said...


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Don't spank him. You'll never get rid of him!!!

Valerie said...

'Oh here, let me cover that run in your pantyhose.'
haha. that made me laugh.

and damn. that is full palm and finger coverage on that thigh! what has got into maknae?! it's pretty hot.

i still think justin timberlake when i see him though.

Anonymous said...

he's too young to be going all JYP-like

cheri said...

I hope he won't turn out to be like JYP when he grows older.

wawa said...

seung-ri ah~~~~

haha... my friend gonna be heart broken when she sees this pic :p

noizumi said...

lol. ur caps 4 the pics is hilarious!
i saw the vid @ youtube, he still using "crack" instead of "clap"...
or is it my ears heard it wrong... XD

Liz said...

Hello noizumi, the MV was shot before they decided to use "clap". Now Seung-ri will use "clap" in all live performances...I don't know if they will change the MV.


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