Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Joo Ji-hoon and Shin Mina in Kitchen

What's cookin'?: Joo Ji-hoon (left) and Shin Mina
promote their latest flick

Mmm hmm…the two stars are set to whip up something good in the Kitchen.

Devil co-stars Joo Ji-hoon and Shin Mina reunite in Kitchen, a romance flick directed by Hong Ji-young. Joining the mix is actor Kim Tae-woo (pic below, right), who plays a key role in the film’s love triangle.

Trio: These are the "chefs" in Kitchen

The stars of the show were out and about earlier today to promote the film.

Kitchen will be release in February 2009 (South Korea).

Ingredients: Joo Ji-hoon shares his special
butter cake recipe

Attentive: He then listens to feedback from the audience
on how to improve on his butter cake

Source: Hankooki

Shin Mina poses for Calvin Klein

Is love in the air for Joo Ji-hoon and Song Ji-hyo?


jicks said...

Ju Ji Hoon is so hot but you would never be able to tell from here (I am going to hunt his hair-stylist down & cause them some serious pain ><")

Shin Min A's outfit is... almost there but not quite & thus somehow very off if that makes any sense at all. Love the shoes though XD

I wanna see this movie badly!

fraulein said...

am i the only one who thinks red and orange dun go together?

daisyj said...

The skirt is hideous.

Muffin said...

Oh, shoot. When I saw the first photo for a second I thought it was Marco from Air City, We Got Married.

Dora the Explorer said...

Shin Mina is absolutely gorgeous.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Shin, Mina looks like she's gotten YOUNGER since the "Pick up the call" (or) "Answer the call" days. OMG. And Frauleine, you know what they say: "NOTHING would look good on her!"

KATrina said...

I think Joo Ji Hoon looks better with his hairstyle in Princess Hours.....


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