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Song Il Gook (송일국)

South Korean actor and model Song Il Gook is most known for his work in historical dramas (saguek) namely Jumong, Emperor of the Sea and Kingdom of the Wind.

He comes from a family rich in political history. Born to actress Kim Eul Dong and her husband Mr Song (his dad seems to be unnamed) on South Korea's National Military day, he was named "Il Gook / Il Guk", meaning "one nation".

Song Il Gook's maternal side of the family contributed greatly to the independence and freedom South Korea is experiencing today! His great-grandfather General Kim Jwa-Jin (Baekya) was responsible for the first emancipation of slaves in Korea. His grandfather, Kim Du Han was Korea's most famous gangster, right wing politician and freedom fighter.

Song Il Gook was brought up in a Christian family and attended Apgu-Jong Elementary, Gu-Jong Junior High and Hyeon-dae High School. Il Gook then went on to attend Chong-Ju University of Film and Theatre and spent a short time in the USA training in stage performances.

After completing university, Il Gook served as his mother's chauffeur for a short time and later enrolled for (the compulsory 2-year) military service in the Korean army.

Song Il Gook married Ms Jung, a Busan High Court Judge on 15 March, 2008.

Here's more on the illustrious Song Il Guk:

Date of birth: 01 October 1971
Height: 185cm (6 feet)
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: A
Talent agency: Barunson Entertainment
Family: Kim Eul Dong (mother), Song Song Yi (sister)
Hobbies: Athletics, cycling, running, skiing, all terrain vehicles, swimming, in-line skating, water skiing and golf. He is the VP of Triathalon Korea and has participated in Ironman races. He also likes photography and keeps up to date with the latest gadgets.


  • Kingdom of The Wind (2008)
  • The Lobbyist (2007)
  • Jumong / The Book of Three Han (2006)
  • Emperor of the Sea (2004)
  • Terms of Endearment (2004)
  • People of the Water Flower Village (2004)
  • Desert Spring (2003)
  • Bodyguard (2003)
  • Album of Life (2002)
  • Royal Story (2002)
  • Hard Love (2002)
  • All About Eve (2001, cameo)
  • Into the Sunlight (1999)
  • Did We Really Love (1999)

Family portrait: Song Il Gook and his family

Song Il Gook taking part in the Ironman race in May 2008

Compiled by Orchid
Sources: Wikipedia, Song Il Gook Translated
Pics credit: StarNews, Newsen, SIG Translated


Anonymous said...

That list is missing Jumong? I never really noticed him until I saw him in that drama. He won the MBC daesung award in 2006 for it. It's a must see drama not just because of him but all the other actors in it as well!

Orchid said...

Hi Anonymous, ok i have added in Jumong. It's actually there...the alternative name for Jumong is The Book of Three Han. =)

Jumong had really high ratings! Checked it out on Dramawiki and in the beginning, ratings were in the high teens. The ratings just went up and up and towards the end of the drama it was at 50% or more!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for making my day :)

cant get enough of him ...

as Kingdom of the Wind is winding down
(this is the last week ... cryyy)

wondering what will be his next drama/movie?

any info?

Orchid said...

@anonymous, if i get a whiff of SIG's new project, i'll surely post up an entry. =)

selva said...

aww thanks orchid for the info :)
yeah Jumong's ratings were phenomenal. The drama is also good. SIG won the Top Excellence actor, the Daesang and the popularity award for his role in Jumong. But I don't think we will hear anything about his new project for at least half a year. Oppa has to take a long rest cause doing historicals is pretty tiring.

daisyj said...

He is one handsome dude!

SomethingOnOurMInds said...

He is one of my favorites. Loved him in Jumong. He is a great actor. I'm liking Kingdom of the Wind but I find the main actress lacking so a lot of the scenes don't work for me

Dottie said...

Is it just me or he's HOT?!

And that background... Dayum... but he's married? I missed my chance again!


Anonymous said...

i am very happy that he has found someone who he loves very dearly. i just wish that we can see more of his wedding pictures but understand the circumstance since his bride is not a celiberty. i expect his/hers privicy.

what is the last episode # for "the kingdom of the wind"?

pad said...

Song Il Gook is really a great actor!!! More i see him more i appreciate him....what is his newest project??? i'm so impatient to see him again in a new project!!!!!!!!!
Please share the news if someone knows

niloofar said...

Hi SONG.I am realy sorry,because you were in IRAN but i lost my chance to see and my family love you and your acting very much. I hope you come IRAN again and i see you.may be you will be our guest with youre wife. GOOD LUCK

niloofar said...

Hi again. I don't know who get my comment.please inform me how can contact SONG IL GOOK directly.I'm waiting for your reply impatiently. thank you very much

Katayun said...

Hi Dear Song il kook,I'm your Iranian huge fan,I hope you come to Iran,again.

ศุภนันท์ said...

For Song Ill Kook oppa,
Now I watch Mooyul the kingdom of the wind.Very grad to see you in the drama again I follow your performance and your movie since 2004. Hope you are well and have a good time.

Fanclub from Thailand

moonriya said...

Mooyul during on air in Thailand and I also continue watch him from Jumong, it great histories of Korean and also he is the best hero.

Waiting for him news and closed follow if I have more free time from my activities.

LYE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LYE said...

I already secured DVD's of Jumong and KINGDOM OF THE WINDS (Muhyul)....Jumong and Muhyul really captured the heart of many fanatics around the world... Mr. Song II Gook did very well in portraying these characters and i hope he'll gonna do the continuation of these korean drama series....i am really your avid fan Mr. SONG II GOOK... i hope i'll get a chance to meet and get acquainted with you before my eyes close to rest.....GOD BLESS


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