Sunday, 11 January 2009

Director of Four Seasons Dramas marries

Yes, he’s the man who helmed the popular Four Seasons Dramas namely Spring Waltz (2006), Summer Scent (2003), Winter Sonata (2002) and Autumn in My Heart (2000).

Happy day: Yoon Seok-ho marries a hanbok
designer 13 years his junior

Director-cum-producer Yoon Seok-ho (51) ties the knot with hanbok designer Han Hye-soo (38) on Jan 11. The lovebirds were introduced by friends a year ago. Today, they exchange their vows in a Catholic church in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul surrounded by friends and their loved ones.

The wedding guest list reads like a directory of Hallyu Stars, thanks to the very successful Four Seasons Dramas.

Attending the wedding ceremony are Song Seung-hun and Son Hye-jin (Summer Scent) as well as Seo Do-young, Han Hyo-joo and Lee So-yeon (Spring Waltz).

Quick entry: Song Hye-kyo attends the wedding too!

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo (Autumn in My Heart) is seen speeding into the premises without appearing to the press. Choi Ji-woo is reportedly attending the event (but there are no pictures of her) while Lee Byung-hun is seen declining an interview with a reporter.

Excuse moi: Lee Byung-hun doesn't want to be
interviewed on this cold winter afternoon

Many of today's Hallyu Stars owe their popularity - especially in Japan - to the Four Seasons Dramas.

Bae Yong-joon (Winter Sonata) and Won Bin (Autumn in My Heart) are not able to attend the wedding due to their busy schedules.

Congratulations!: Song Seung-hun (Summer Scent/ Autumn in My Heart)
seems to be in high spirits :-)

Cold weather: Son Ye-jin (Summer Scent) is all bundled up

Smiley: Lee So-yeon (Spring Waltz) doesn't mind
posing for the camera

Giving an interview: Kwon Hae-Hyo (My Lovely Samsoon)
talks to the press

Fashion statement: Han Hyo-joo (Spring Waltz)
loves her big red bag

Smirk: Seo Do-young (Spring Waltz) braves the
cold and manages a smirk for the cameras

Fellow colleague: Director Pyo Min-soo
(Worlds Within/Full House) also attends the big event

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selva said...

aww that's so sweet. To get married in this age is actually a true love. Congrats ^_^
his nickname as the four season director really cracked me up cause I've never really noticed that before. and why Song Seun hun wouldn't look happy!! lol. He just won the Daesang and his drama is almost 30% in ratings!!


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