Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Song Seung-hun & Han Ye-seul with LG

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Han Ye-seul and Song Seung-hun get all
dressed up for LG Whisen Air Cond...or is that a fridge?

We could tell that you guys were really excited when Liz wrote about good looking duo Song Seung-hun and Han Ye-seul promoting LG Electronics products.

Well, we have some actual pictures of SSH and HYS posing with a product. They are not doing such a good job introducing the electronic product. Is that a fridge? Or an air conditioner unit?

Please show us more of the product instead of playing peek-a-boo with it!

Ah why not let Song Seung-hun pose with East of Eden co-star, Lee Yeon-hee...maybe then things will be more interesting.

Song Seung-hun & Han Ye-seul and their "baby" - the LG Whisen

Don't mind the product,
do I look good from this angle?

Seeing double? The LG Whisen acts
as a full length mirror too!

Pics credit: Starnews


cheri said...

That thing is too big to be an aircond and too slim to be a fridge.

Orchid said...

@cheri, it's an aircond after all.. =)


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