Tuesday, 6 January 2009

SS501 Unit on MTV Class Up!

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We're SS501 Unit - catch us on MTV Class Up
(17 Jan, 2009)

The last time fans saw five member SS501 all together on stage was on the 27 December, 2008 when they appeared on the MBC Music Center Show (쇼! 음악중심).

Savour that! The group will not be performing together for awhile (at least a couple of months) because Kim Hyun-joong is now filming the drama Boys Over Flowers and Park Jung-min is in the musical Grease.

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SS501 on MBC Music Center

This leaves the trio Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong and Kim Hyung-jun (tell me if their names aren't confusing to ya) to their own devices. They are not quite shaking their legs and waiting for time to pass while the other two members are doing their own thing. They have formed a sub-group which is known as SS501 Unit (SS501유닛). SS501 Unit released a special mini album called U R Man which features 6 tracks.

SS501 Unit
was also seen taping the show MTV Class Up! hosted by Super Junior's Kang-in and 2AM's Jo-gwon.
They appeared at the studio at 3pm on 5th January, 2009 for the recording and were greeted by delighted fans.

Arriving at the studio for MTV Class Up! taping

Scenes from MTV Class Up!

Pics credit & source : Newsen & Newsen

SS501 members busy with personal projects

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Anonymous said...

they also known as triple-s..
triple-s = name of ss501's fan club

Orchid said...

Ah i didn't know that! Thanks Anonymous.

cheri said...

Kim Kyu Jong is looking good in those outfit!

Steph said...

Erm actually they're not known as Triple S. That's cause they decided not to use "Triple S" but retain SS501 as the stage name for the unit, to show that they'll still be 5 as 1 forever :)

And btw, SS501 performed again as a 5-member group on Inkigayo on the 4th of Jan.

It's great to read news of them on K-popped. Hope to see more of it here~ ^^

Anonymous said...

all 5 of them performed in MBC gayo daejun on new year eve too


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