Saturday, 10 January 2009

The spotlight’s on Shin Min-hee

Sweet Shin Min-hee

Shin Min-hee is a fairly new talent who is playing Yoo Ji-tae’s (Old Boy) younger sister in the new SBS drama series Star’s Lover.

The 23-year-old made her acting debut in Love Truly (2006). In the drama, she played lead actress Eugene’s sister.

Faux pas: Those knee-high stockings
are such an eyesore

Min-hee can also be seen grinding up against a (lucky) man on the dance floor in a Missha CF. Check it out below.

Source: MSN News


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

OMG How do they make girls THAT pretty overthere? Her biggest problem is that when she's grogy in the morning, and takes a show, she hits her head, because she forgets she walks on water.

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty. I watched her in the drama w/Eugene and noticed her right away. She was also in Taeyang's video Look Only at Me.

Anonymous said...

I first saw her in 심심풀이, it's an old korean show program.
SOmewhere I read that she's Chinese raised in Korea?? MUst be a rumor iono.
It made me think of that because I remember she played a role in a CHinese drama and she looks like my chinese friend XP SOmeone research her~ HAhahha Jk I tried to find more info about her, but I couldn't.


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