Friday, 20 February 2009

Choi Ji Woo dating Air City co-star

Lee Jin-wook and Choi Ji-woo are dating

News surfaced that Choi Ji-woo (34) is dating her Air City co-star Lee Jin-wook (28). Choi met Lee when they worked on the 2007 MBC drama "Air City".

Lee Jin-wook played a character who was involved in a love triangle with Choi Ji-woo's character in Air City, but wasn't the object of her desire. Ironically, off screen, they hit it off fabulously and have been rumoured to be secretly dating for the past 2 years.

Prior to the breaking news, Choi Ji-woo was one of Korea's most eligible female Hallyu star, thus it isn't surprising that she was promptly interviewed by the media regarding her relationship with Lee (who is 6 years younger and has yet to complete his military duty).
Choi admitted to dating Lee Jin-wook but denied a secret relationship that has lasted two years. Princess Ji-woo claims that she and Lee started a relationship only recently. Choi adds that they enjoy spending time together and Lee is very matured for his age.

Dating in secret?

Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jin-woo sharing a
private moment
at an
Andre Kim fashion show

Choi Ji-woo and her current
boyfriend at a barbecue gathering

Source and pics credit: SportsSeoul, SPN, StarNews, Soompi forums

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Anonymous said...

if this is just a publicity stunt, i will never forgive them.

but if its true, then i'm very happy for the couple. and if their romance ends in wedded bliss, i have deep respect for cjw, she didnt follow/take the conventional 'method' that is, being a trophy wife.

i'll be proud of her and now am a fan.


Anonymous said...

i am very happy for choi ji woo. she deserves happy love. it doesn't matter whether the guy is younger. they look real cute together. if she try to find someone who is older than her, they would all be remarried ahjushis in their 40's, right? i really like her. but the problem is his military service... for 2 years... can she gonna wait? or ...

Anonymous said...

I'm overjoyed in hearing that Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook are dating. They are two of my favorite Korean actors. I hope that their relationship will flourish & ended in marriage. They are perfect for each other. They are definitely the most nice looking people in K-entertainment industry. Congratulations to the 2 JWs.

Anonymous said...

Love to see these two beautiful people together. Age doesn't matter. Hope to see them married one day. LJW is leaving for his military duty soon for two years. How will they able to sustain their new relationship? Stay strong..

amy_meteorgdn said...

Hope it's true..
Luv both of them!

dorita said...

wowowowowoww me alegro mucho por choi la adoro es mi mejor actris me alegro qq aya encontrado un amor y mejor sisis es menor q ella ajajajajajjja besitos qq sea felizzzzz

Anonymous said...

The greatest news I ever heard in the K-entertainment. Two of my most favorite stars dating. Good for them. Nevermind the media or public. If you listen to them, then your happiness will never be fulfilled. It's your life, be happy, nevermind the people around you. If you're in love, go for it Ji Woo & Jin Wook. Your two matured people, so don't worry & live your lives to the fullest. Stay strong in your relationship. God bless you both always.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for this lovely couple. They are both very good looking & tall. I read that Lee Jin Wook will be entering the military service on 5/6/09. I hope this separation will not changed their relationship. They still can communicate with each other by cell phone & once in awhile meet. I'm pretty sure, Jin Wook will have some leave from the military just like here in the USA. True love must succeed. Jin
Wook & Ji Woo fighting.... God bless them both.


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