Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Korean version of musical Dreamgirls premieres

The Korean version of Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" will start running soon. Better known is the 2006 film adaptation starring Jamie Foxx (Curtis Taylor Jr.), Beyonce Knowles (Deena Jones), Jennifer Hudson (Effie White) and Eddie Murphy (James 'Thunder' Early).

The musical is co-produced by Korea's OD Musical Company head Shin Chun-soo and American producer John F. Breglio.

This Korean-American production boasts a Korean cast which consist of Hong Ji-min / Cha Ji-yeon (Effie) and actress Jung Seon-a (Deena). Actors Kim Seung-woo and Oh Man-seok will alternate as Curtis.

Actresses perform at a press rehearsal of the
Korean-American co-production of the musical
"Dreamgirls" in Seoul on 24 Feb, 2009

The musical runs from 27 Feb - 26 July, 2009 at Charlotte Theater in southern Seoul.

For more information or ticket prices (in Korean) go to the Official website:

Source: The Korea Times

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KKVL said...

they're all so who played jeniffer hudson's role?guess they rewrote the story a bit huh..


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