Friday, 27 February 2009

Lee Min-ho interview on SBS Entertainment Weekly

Lee Min-ho tells the reporter that he adores
petite and fair skinned girls

Oh yes, here's another piece on up and rising Boys Before Flowers star Lee Min-ho.

Over an interview on SBS' Entertainment Weekly which was aired on 18 Feb, Lee Min-ho talks about the girls he's dated, his recent rise to stardom and memories at football training camp.

The SBS lady who interviewed Lee asked if he has dated many girls before. Lee said, "Not really, about two only." He added, "I think I am attracted to people who are the opposite of me. I'm tall and dark and so I adore petite and fair skinned girls. I wouldn't mind how old she is."

Min-ho is usually so busy and stressed with such a
hectic schedule that he hardly has time to eat!
Today, a specially packed lunch with heart
shaped seaweed embedded in the rice was
presented to him. He eats it happily!

On a question that if he notices his recent popularity, He said "I just appreciate fans. My parents also enjoyed the popularity at first but now they are getting cautious since a lot of people have started to ask them for favours".

He also revealed his personal tie with Cha Beom Geun, a former coach of the Korean national football team. "I used to attend his youth football training camp through my primary school days, but I gave up the dream of becoming a football player because I liked hanging out with friends more than playing football. But I think football camp was the best memory from my childhood days and I really want to see him (Cha) again and say hello to him."

Now that you've read the translation, watch the video on YouTube. Lee Min Ho (Go Jun-pyo in Boys Before Flowers) was interviewed when he was filming a CF at Market-O! The interview starts around 3 minutes into the 7 minute video clip.

Source: MyDaily

Translation by : Joe Gimm

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spicysalsa said...

Thanks for the really interesting video!
Love LMH's voice and his ice-cream-melting smile (although he must be doggy tiiiired nowadays).

I found the following video quite intriguing, too.

Good Morning Show -
Kim Hyun Joong vs Lee Min Ho

daisyj said...

@spicysalsa You are right about his smile...i love it.

Orchid said...

@spicysalsa Lee Min-ho wins with the most stickers!! :-)


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