Friday, 27 February 2009

Want Jung Ga-eun to be your Valentine?

You can’t, unless you live in South Korea and download her latest Star Photo collection onto your handphone.

Sun tan: 'Yeah, just going for that bronzed look'

The 31-year-old, who some say resembles Song Hye-kyo, is featured in the latest “Valentine concept” collection of pics.

Miss Jung, who is a former Miss Korea contestant (I think), was in Bangkok, Thailand from Jan 29 to Feb 2 for the photoshoot. The talent who stands 173cm tall and weighs 50kg has appeared in dramas, MVs as well as CFs.

You know, considering the hype about how she looks like Song Hye-kyo, they should cast both of them in a drama. They could play siblings who are separated when young and become bitter rivals in the working world. I bet people would be interested to tune in to the show, no? Hee hee...:-P

Fresh air: 'Don't you just love the outdoors?'

Advice: 'Do your stretches everyday to
avoid leg cramps'

Source: Hankooki

Jung Ga-eun looks like Song Hye-kyo?


chajjye said...

great idea!!! they could be twins. :) ooh..i smell a catfight.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

If Jung Ga-Eun were in a TV show with Song Hye-kyo, it would be called "Song Hye-kyo's Ugly Step Sister". Now understand that Jung is not at all hard on the eyes, and she certainly seems to be bringing a LOT of pain to that bikini (I have never wanted to be a bikini as much as I do now...), but I have Hye-kyo on my desktop, and these two are not in the same league.

jan_cereno said...

hmm .. she looks prettier in the third pic .. and in the 2nd pic she somehow look like a older version of hye kyo ^^ bcoz of her eyebrows


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