Friday, 20 February 2009

Lee Seung-ki graduates

Lee Seung-ki in a pensive mood at his graduation

Singer and reality show 2 Days 1 Night participant Lee Seung-ki graduated from Dongguk University today. Here are pictures from his graduation ceremony at 11am on 20th February, 2009.

22-year-old Lee enrolled into Dongguk University in 2005 to study International Trade and Commerce. He embarked on his degree in parallel with his singing / acting career thus was absent from school most of the time. Despite that, he managed to graduate in only 4 years.

Lee accepting his degree from the Univeristy Chancelor.
Seriously, isn't this image for family viewing only?
Korean celeb fans are really lucky...


Source & pics credit: Newsen, Asia Economy

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hanh hotstuff. said...

dis news is so fast!
its only like 2 hours.
seungki <333

Liz said...

Congratulations Lee Seung-ki...I wonder where you find time to do your projects and study for the exams.

ridhwan_joker13 said...

congrats! my mom loves him..hahaha.

Anonymous said...

he is born in 87 but took same year with me

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Good for him!!!!! congratuations Seung Ki!! (Remember, he kissed Miss South Korea 2001 in his video "Because you're My Girl".)

crysalide said...

Seung Gi your such a cutie. gud for him to finish his degree. In one of the eps of 1N2D he had to go to his exam at and then comeback for filming. my gosh the dedications.

Anonymous said...

He is too smart and studying International Trade and Commerce while I can barely manage to get pass my marketing text to get a certificate...where does he find the time?


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