Thursday, 19 February 2009

Lee Yo-won does sexy for Marie Claire

Whoa, who’s your mamma?

Lee Yo-won (29) shows off her long, long legs for Marie Claire Korea.

Looong legs: Can't reach that top shelf?
Call Lee Yo-won.

The Bad Love actress, who is already has a daughter by the way, is transformed into a vampy fashionista for the fashion glossy’s March issue.

Wow, doesn’t she look different? Make-up does wonders.

Transformed: Vamping it up (left) and playing it down (right)

Hip and trendy: Hawt Mamma!

Source: Hankooki

Lee Yo-won's graduation day

Stars in uncomfortable dresses


Dottie said...

Wow, her legs go for miles!


Ten said...

"Wow, doesn’t she look different? Make-up does wonders."

And so does photoshop. =D

david santos said...


Anonymous said...

love her shoes!!!!!!

nanienooraini said...

i would love to have korean stylists for myself to have a gorgeous look like that!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

She has a daughter and she looks like THAT????? OMG! She would make more $$ if she wrote a book on how to do that! Wowowowowowowow!!!!!

joybau28 said...

A fashionista indeed!


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