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Boys Before Flowers broadcast delayed

Boys Before Flowers filming schedule meet
hiccups as Gu Hye-sun is recovering in the
hospital after a minor car accident

I don't know about you, but when i found out how Korean broadcasting systems produce, edit and air their dramas, i got nervous just hearing about it. Before a 16-episode or 24-episode series has completed filming, the drama is aired. In fact, the drama starts airing a couple of episodes into filming! Well, with a schedule like this, the producers and actors are probably highly stressed, because everything has to work like clockwork! Delays and falling behind schedule mean you won't have an episode to show the next week.

Murphy's Law struck for the cast and crew of Boys Before Flowers when lead actress Gu Hye-sun (Geum Jan-di) met with an accident on the 27th February -- yes it was the day of the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. I guess this answers my question as to why Hye-sun did not attend the awards ceremony.

As a result, filming cannot continue and Episode 17 (which was to be aired on 02 March) was delayed.

The Accident

Goo Hye-sun was riding in her car returning from filming location to Seoul. Her car collided with a dump truck, causing her to slam into the seat in front of her. Although initially it was reported that she suffered no damaging injuries, it was later revealed that Hye-sun had to get stitches for a cut at her mouth. Plus the impact had caused swelling to her face and this would certainly hamper filming.

Lee Min-ho to the rescue

In an interview with Goo Hye-sun at the hospital on the 28th Feb, she revealed that her co-star Lee Min-ho (Gu Jun-pyo) was actually the first to arrive at the scene of the accident and promptly whisked her to the hospital for treatment. Ahhh....he's her real life hero too. ;-)

Hye-sun said:
“After the accident occurred, a van that looked a lot like Lee Min ho’s passed by. With my head ringing, I slightly remember thinking, ‘I wish that was Min ho’s car.’ As the car door opened, it turned out that it was really Min ho, and he began to run toward us. At that time he looked like the savior of the world. Had I gotten to the hospital any later, my recovery would have been later as well. I was so thankful.”

Lee Min-ho comes to the rescue
Gu Hye-sun watched the Baeksang Arts Awards on TV

Being injured and all, Gu Hye-sun couldn't join in the festivities and had to watch the Baeksang on television.
“I was shocked when I saw Lee Min Ho fall on the red carpet. I laughed without even knowing. I thought the stitches in my mouth had come undone(laughs)."
Hospital Visitation

Her co-stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong -- the two who worked the closest with her in the drama came to visit after the Baeksang awards ceremony. How sweet!
Later, Lee Min-ho went back to work filming the drama. Filming scenes that did not involve Hye-sun of course. Korean entertainers are a hard working bunch!

On March 01, all four of the F4 members visited Hye-sun.

Her co-stars visited her at the hospital

Compensation: Special Episode

Production company Group Eight announced that a special will be aired on Monday (02 March), with Episode 17 on Tuesday. The special will feature F4 members showing behind-the-scene footages at filming locations as well as never-before-seen clips -- perhaps even some NGs!

Gu Hye-sun is expected to start filming again mid-week. Well, we send her love and hopes she recovers real soon!

Gu Hye-sun FIGHTING!

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Read about the F4 Special Talk Show!


nur said...

I wish they would change the way they do their broadcast just like how the us or other countries do

Shoot everything and then air it out why cant they do things simpler? if not at least shoot 4 episode in one row that way the cast could have some rest sheesh

BeSerious said...

Obviously it is this way in order to cut potential losses. Why spend all your money filming an entire drama if the stations wants to cut it off mid-way?

They're basically pilot-ing the entire way.

Anonymous said...

The writers of the drama also take into account audience feedback very seriously. At times, the plot of the drama is changed due to response from the public. So it is very interactive. This is one of the reasons why they work this way.

daisyjane said...

Get well soon Hye-san. Saranghae! ♥

fizzy said...

omonaaaa... jeong mal kiyowo....
i have butterflies in my tummy when i read the part minho came to the rescue.
too good to be true, but i really hope it's true..
so cute+sweet!!!

geum jandi-sshi, fighting!!

Daphne. said...

Poor Hye-seon. I pray that she gets well soon. When is it gonna continue airing?

jicks said...

Sigh, they really should just get married already.

This cast is beyond accident prone to tell you the truth!

Anyways, Koreans tend to film their series this way to allow for audience response. How we react shapes alot of things incl who gets w/ who, how, who lives, who goes, you get the drift. It also allows the producers to extend the no. of episodes depending to the popularity of the show to milk as much endorsements as possible.

But hey, a special BTS episode isn't too shabby XDD

syn70 said...

Miss the show! Will watch the subbed version of the special tomorrow! Feel better soon our little "Guam Jan Di"!

Anonymous said...

Thank god the accidents were not too serious but still, the injuries could have been avoided or minimized IF they had used the SEAT BELTS.

I was surprised and perplexed when most of the kdrama that I watched with scenes showing everyone in the car, those in the backseat did not belt-up.

I supposed this must be practiced by all the Koreans ?

They have to wise-up ....


Orchid said...

Yeah seat belts are important. We have to buckle up at the back too. It's the new ruling here in Malaysia!

Wawa said...

luckily nothing serious is happening to her...

yay, when i watched Worlds Within, i was like, is this the way they produced a drama??? so, it is really the way ha!!!

arghhhhh... Min Ho became his real savior!!!!

Chianz said...

;D ohh.. I'm totally addicted into this awesome korea latest drama..
really wish that I could be in this drama!!! dreamin* Hye Seon sshi,get well soon ya..

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

OMG I hope she is OK. She does such a great job with her part in BoF (BBF). Here, stateside, they just resumed showing it LAST night! (Replacing ending "You are My Destiny".)
Guys, I've been in broadcasting all my life. Please trust me, it is all about the money. If they built the show before it started to air, then all the money the network pays for salaries, and production costs would loose interest (money interest) PLUS if the show is a big success, they can drag out the ending. (They certainly did this with "...Destiny" they really stretched the ending on this)

Anonymous said...

Gu-Hye-Sun be well and be safe**BBF fighting***

Liz said...

Wow I hope Gu Hye-sun gets well soon. It's so nice to hear about Lee Min-ho being her real life "saviour".

Life imitating art, no? They are definitely a hardworking bunch. Can't wait to see the extra episode :-).

Spicysalsa said...

Just found the links for "F4 Special Talk Show" that aired on Monday in Korea from youtube <<^O^>>

Hey, guys, they are with the Eng. subtitles!

Copy & Paste the following links to view the show - Enjoy!

(ENG SUBS)2 March 2009 BOF-Special Talk Show (1-6)




Spicysalsa said...

Ooops...sorry, guys, I've found that only "Pt 1" of the above F4 Special Show was Eng-subbed.

but still gonna watch it this evening.

Maybe in a few days, u could get a hold of Eng-subbed ones from youtube~ ^^

LoveHomeschooling said...

I don't think I will understand the production. It seems that rested actors/actresses would give the best performance.

Orchid said...

Thanks for the links Spicysalsa!!

asmah said...

get well soon gu hye sun..!!!


Spicysalsa said...


You're welcome. It's my pleasure!!
Just finished watching the show.

Wooooah, I hated (and envied) Hyun-young like crazy when our adorable Minho was forced (!) to reenact the "back-hugging scene" (hugging from behind) to her!:(

Kim Joon seems very versitile and a great talker.
Hyung-joong was wickedly funny
and Kim Bum was kinda shy.
The show was a lot of fun.

Although, LMH seemed to have cold, he was hot, hot, hooot as usual.
Way too hot and sexy!

Orchid said...


I watched part 1 & 2 but skipped the parts where they recapped the drama from episode 1 - 16. I am currently at episode 7 and watching the recaps would reveal SPOILERS!

Although part 2 does not have English subtitles, i enjoyed watching Lee Min-ho perform his lines! He's simply adorable and so awesomely talented.

Spicysalsa said...


>>I watched part 1 & 2 but skipped the parts where they recapped the drama from episode 1 - 16....watching the recaps would reveal SPOILERS!<<

I know..I totally understand!

Hope you also watched the funny NGs and the parts where Bum, Minho and Hyungjoong (in that sequence) played the piano!
Although it seemed like a spontaneous suggestion from Hyun-young, they played quite well.

>>Although part 2 does not have English subtitles, i enjoyed watching Lee Min-ho perform his lines! He's simply adorable and so awesomely talented<<

I wouldn't have been able to do so if I had been asked to perform the past lines from the previous eps, especially when I get to sleep only 0~2 hrs per night!

As for the BOF drama translation, I've noticed that when the actors speak 2-3 sentences, only once sentence gets translated.
Besides, the quality of the translation is not so good, simplified and quite bland.

It misses out some Korean humor, witty lines and Junpyo's cute verbal errors regarding "four-Chi character-idoms" (in Korean, it's called "Go-sah-sung-uh").

Am rather surprised despite poor translation, the drama's also popular abroad.

KBS World should have hired a professional translator.
Just my two cents ^^

Jandi love said...

Omo! Jandi fighting!


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