Monday, 2 March 2009

Choi Jong-hun and Oh Won-bin enrol in Gyeonggi University

Yes, a back-to-back post on FT Island!

But enough about spaced out new member Song Seung-hyun.

Uni mates: Erstwhile FT Island member Oh Won-bin (left) and
FT Island band leader Choi Jong-hun

It has been reported that FT Island leader Choi Jong-hun and former member Oh Won-bin have enrolled themselves in Gyeonggi University on March 2. Both of them are in the music department.

He's my 친구: 'Hey buddy, you know I'm going to copy your work
since I'll be real busy with the band, right?'

The freshmen were seen posing chummily for the cameras at the Suwon campus earlier today.

The boys may not be in the same band anymore, but they are now Uni mates. Yay! Friends forever....and all that jazz.

Orientation: 'Gosh, where's the nearest toilet
from Seminar Room 7 again?'

Star student: 'So you want me to autograph your timetable?
Kewl, we have yoga class together.


Anonymous said...

in the 2nd pic...he kinda looks look song hye kyo

selva said...

why does won-bin looks like Rain in the 2nd photo o_O

Anonymous said...

he looks like anime character with his red hair!

cheri said...

Jong Hun looks cute and cool !

AozoraXoxO said...

haha omg! thnkyu3 sooo much for this entry, always looking for posts on FTISLAND! Oh WOn Bin is lookin FOIiiineee!! XD and yeah his hair is redder now! sorta like an anime H-O-T haha.. well he always said he LOVED Japan. i hope he doesnt move from gyeonggi, cuz he was thinkin of Uni in Japan.. heh,, OWB+CJH hope wonbin's solo goes well! XD

Kimt08 said...

aww...i wish i went to that school!!!! lucky students >:0(
but i'm happy they're still buds :0)

|| Lyññ || said...

Darn... why Gyeonggi... My uni does not have any partnership with that uni... Any famous singers in SNU or Yonsei?? I'm planning to go there... heh...


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