Monday, 23 March 2009

Boys Before Flowers filming at Incheon Beach

Lee Min-ho and Gu Hye-san filming the last
few episodes of Boys Before Flowers at
Incheon beach last weekend.

To perk you up on a Monday morning, we bring you the latest behind the scenes of Boys Before Flowers. Lee Min-ho and Gu Hye-sun were shooting a kissing scene towards the tail end of the drama on a beach in Incheon on the 22 March.

There's a huge hype over who will finally end up with the leads. Will Gu Jun-pyo and Geum Jan-di end up together or will Jan-di end up with best friend Ji-hoo sunbae? Will Jun-pyo marry the woman his mother would approve of?

According to the original manga version of Hana Yori Dango in which this drama is based on, Jun-pyo ends up with Jan-di of course. But it has been mentioned that the Korean version might choose a different path. Will it wander far from the original? At this point, KBS2 is keeping this under tight wraps but at the same time trying to generate as much hype as possible. Hence you get to see these behind the scenes pics!

The man holding the giant mic makes
sure every word and sigh gets heard.
While the reflector helps our actors look radiant on screen.

Gu Hye-sun: Should I just grab him and kiss him??

More pics below! Click on the thumbnail to view larger version.

Lee Min Ho stands a head taller than the rest - filming Boys Before Flowers
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Wawa said...

okay... i love both tandem: Jun Pyo & Jan Di 'N' Ji Hoo & Jan Di... but i'm rooting for JoonDi all the way!!! hopefully the changes that they gonna made in BBF is about the SoEul mate... i want Yi Jung & Ga Eul to be together... pray hardly!!!

please.... i want JoonDi couple! hahaha

아이스Aiseu said...

aiishh..i want jandi and jun pyo together yi jeong and ga eul

Anonymous said...

hohoho... EP 23 Jandi is breaking up with Jun Pyo... That scene is where Jandi have the last memories with Junpyo before she break up with him.....

Girls, take more tissue... hahahahaha

Orchid said...

argh...SPOILER ALERT to those who are yet to get to episode 23. which includes me!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, they look awesome together! they should be together!

Anonymous said...

Heh, they look cute together no doubt, but Geum Hye-Sun is taken~~~ She's with Kim Ji-Hoon, no..?

Randomness: JP was wearing leather shoes WITHOUT socks (in the first picture)? That's sure to be on every guy's style list~

chajjye said...

spoiler spoiler! Ahhhhhhhh! Cannot!

chajjye said...

sorry for double posting. i want joondi. and there's 24 and 25 episodes to make that happen! WAHAHA...

it would be such crap if jihoo and jandi ended up together. they are best friends, not lovers.

please follow the same ending for's like Lizzie of P&P ending up with Mr.Wickham/Bingley instead of Mr. Darcy.

Kills the joy.

Anonymous said...

What?They're really think of pairing JD with JH :] I mean come-on,I don't have anything against JH(He's actually one of my favorite.).It just that she looks better with JP.Sheesh.But hopefully JD and JP would end up
and can i ask something?:]
Is there going to be a season 2 of these?:]
Like the other meteor garden[taiwanese version].
PLS answer me!!!:]

피 지 fizzy said... down..
let's just pray that JP and JD will end up together.
i have no doubt about it. hehe.
i think the only difference would be the SoEul pair.
maybe they'sll end up together in the korean version of HYD.

JP+JD.. 파 이 팅!!

JH is merely her SOULMATE. but her hubby is definitely JP, right? remember ep 5? new caledonia..?

Orchid said...

Definitely Gu Jun-pyo and Geum Jan-di!! I will not have it any other way. It would be such a downer. I don't think there will be a 2nd season like the one in Meteor Garden. They'll just packed everything in 25 episode.

Anonymous said...

Seriously JD and JH should totally end up together. if JH is her soulmate then shouldn't you be with him???


sarcasmus said...

just wanted to stop by and thank you for this website. now i can understand what the hell my students are talking about. (or virtual students, as i teach online at the moment.)

Orchid said...

@sarcasmus I assume your students must be talking about the drama Boys Before Flowers a whole lot. =) yeah it is currently the most popular & talked about drama in South Korea right now!!

Anonymous said...

It's got to be JH and JD, JunPyo's mother deserves some form of punishment in seeing her son miserable.


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