Monday, 23 March 2009

Kim Jae-won enlists for military duty

Salute!: Kim Jae-won says his final goodbye before
disappearing from the public eye

Killer kisser Kim Jae-won enlisted for his compulsory military duty today (March 23).

The 29-year-old teared up as he bid farewell to family, friends and fans at the Choongnam Nonsan training centre.

Sniff: 'I'm gonna miss you, bro.'

Fellow celebrities born in 1981 such as Jo In-sung and Lee Jin-wook will also be hauled up to serve their country before the year ends.

Kim Jae-won will be undergoing 5 weeks of training before serving as a soldier for 2 years. Adios, amigo!

Killer smile: Still looking as dashing as ever, Jae-won
bids farewell to one and all

Ta ta!: Jae-won does his 'final' duty as a celebrity

Attention!: Practice makes perfect, here Jae-won
goes for another salute!

Final interview: 'Thank you for the support and
love. See you again in 2 years' time.'

Source: Newsen

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Wawa said...

he looks good in that army cut... hwaiting jae-won oppa!

Orchidyaldix said...

...I hate military duty in SK!!!!
All hotties should be allowed to stay with us to entertain us!!!!


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