Sunday, 15 March 2009

Daniel Henney and Jung Ryu-won together for Biotherm

Happy together: Daniel Henney and Jung Ryu-won -
best friends 4eva!

Good friends Daniel Henney (30) and Jung Ryu-won (27) spent White Day together plugging Biotherm.

The pair has been selected to represent the skincare brand and was at the Biotherm White Day Event held at the Lotte Department Store on March 14.

The duo has been friends since appearing in the 2005 hit drama series My Lovely Sam-soon.

New pal?: The pair looks at the MC incredulously when she asks
to join them for dinner later.

Giving gifts: I guess Jung Ryu-won won't need to eat jajangmyeon
on Black Day (April 14) since she has received a gift from a
guy on White Day ;-).

Party: To make the event a little more festive, the pair even
brought their own balloons to the do.

As everyone and their dog know, Daniel Henney will be playing David North/ Agent Zero in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which will be released on April 30 in Malaysia and May 1 Stateside.

Meanwhile, Jung Ryu-won is currently in the SBS drama Princess Jang Myung Go. She will also be appearing alongside Jung Jae-young in the movie Wandering Mr. Kim (김씨 표류기), which is scheduled for an April 2009 release.

I guess work won't feel like labour when you have a good friend as a colleague. From the pictures above, Henney and Jung seem to be enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Check them goofing about for some selca shots below.

Source: Newsen

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mariah said...

ive always thought they were a cute couple :)

Anonymous said...

they should totally be an official couple. and i really hope she gains some weight (and some color) very very soon!

selva said...

yup ^^ love seeing them together.


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