Sunday, 15 March 2009

Kang Ji-hwan celebrates 33rd birthday on White Day

So, he has 2 more years to go before settling down, huh?

It has been reported that the Hong Gil-dong star wants to be married before hitting 35.

Happy birthday: 'Thanks for celebrating this
special day with me!' :-)

On March 14 a.k.a White Day, the charismatic actor held a fan meeting cum birthday bash. His real birthday falls on March 20, but that’s not stopping about 1,500 of his fans from turning up for the early celebration.

Pink cake: 'I can't wait to shoot the guy/girl who bought
this cake. I like the colour blue.'

Giant presents: 'Whoo hoo...this brings me back
to my childhood. Yay!'

Side-step: 'C'mon and dance with me.'

The actor sang and danced, opened gigantic presents and blew out the candles on his very pink birthday cake to the delight of his fans.

Happy birthday Kang Ji-hwan, and many happy returns of the day :-).

Source: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

Awh! I love his cake!! The stars on the cake is so cute! Lucky guy to have fans like that!

I love your blog! Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just for make you a warning, today, when i visit your site (as usual) my antivirus (kaspersky) told me that you web is infected with some kind of virus, and have blocked several of your photos, because are infected with some program that stoles paswords and privet information and things like that, i hope you read this, greetings

Orchid said...

Hi anonymous, i didn't get such a message while surfing k-popped. If others get the virus message, please let us know. Thanks!

jicks said...

well, i'm sure there are many of us who are gladly willing to help him out w/ the whole getting married before turning 35 wish!

hope he had a great time XD


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