Monday, 2 March 2009

Getting to know Song Seung-hyun of FT Island

New FT Island member Song Seung-hyun lives in a world of his own. Hey, we aren’t the ones saying that, his fellow bandmates said so in a recent interview!

Song, who replaces Oh Won-bin of the quintet, revealed that he wants to appear in SBS’s TV show Family Outing.

Dreamer: Song Seung-hyun's bandmates say he's living in a
world of his own

He said: “I am interested in that kind of show. I especially admire Daesung’s (of Big Bang) character because it is quite interesting. I want to make people laugh with a serious face and manner.”

“I have a routine in my mind but I can't show it now. I wanna dance in a serious manner (on the show). However, I’m not sure if I will really be able to make people laugh,” he continued.

In response to Song’s statement above, the other FT Island members cracked up and jokingly said: “Song is really in the 4th dimension (living in a world of his own) so we are worried that he’ll do something really weird if he appears on the show.”

Me and my boys: The four FT Island boys and "Friend"
(in white jacket, gesturing with hand)

FT Island was talking to the reporter when shooting their new music video on Feb 2.

When asked to introduce the new member, the boys said: “He’s not just in the 4th dimension, he’s actually in the 16th dimension. His way of talking is really different from ordinary people. He's special and funny," they volunteered.

"He makes really weird sounds when tickled," they added.

Song raps and plays guitar for the band, which is currently promoting their title song Bad Woman off their first mini-album Jump Up.

Source: Newsen with translation by Joe Gimm

FT Island represents Litmus

Song Seung-hyun is new FT Island member



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