Friday, 27 March 2009

Han Ye-seul is Ginormica in Monsters vs. Aliens

Han Ye-seul rubbed shoulders with Kiefer Sutherland recently during the premiere of Dreamworks’ latest animated flick Monsters vs. Aliens.

Happy together: Han ye-seul (left)
and Kiefer Sutherland

The 27-year-old lends her voice to the lead character Ginormica/ Susan Murphy. Reese Witherspoon voiced Ginormica for the English version of the show while Ye-seul lends her voice to the Korean-dubbed version.

HanYe-seul, Kiefer “24” Sutherland and Dreamworks’ CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg appeared to the press at the Yongsan CGV in Seoul on March 26 at 10am.

'Come watch our show': (l-r) Sutherland, Han
and Jeffrey Katzenberg

Sutherland portrays General W.R. Monger in the movie. Below is the movie’s synopsis from

On her wedding day, Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon/ Han Ye-seul) is hit by a meteorite infused with Quantonium, a rare and powerful element that causes her to grow to an enormous size. Targeted by the government as a monster, Susan is captured and imprisoned at a secret facility where other such oddities are being held. They include:
  • Dr. Cockroach (Hugh Laurie) – a mad scientist who accidentally transformed himself into a roach-human hybrid
  • B.O.B. (Seth Rogen) – a gelatinous, brainless mass brought to life in an experiment gone wrong
  • The Missing Link (Will Arnett) – a Creature-from-the-Black-Lagoon-like lizard man
  • Insectosaurus – a skyscraper-sized mutant larvae
When deranged alien overlord Gallaxhar (Rainn Wilson) arrives on Earth to obtain the precious Quantonium and conquer the world, President Hathaway (Stephen Colbert) offers the monsters their freedom in exchange for defeating the evil mastermind and his legion of robots and clones.

Sounds fun!

Oooze gonna save us?: Han gets to know co-star
B.O.B a little better

Ginormica?: She's not quite the giant
you'd expect, huh?

Monsters vs. Aliens will be released on April 23 in South Korea and on May 28 in Malaysia.

Source: Newsen

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Orchid said...

Who's the male Korean voice who dubbed Kiefer Sutherland's role...General W.R. Monger?

Liz said...

I have no idea :-P

selva said...

some big names in this movie! I was super happy when I read "Hugh Laurie" name and I can't wait to hear his voice in an animated movie ^^ That monster looks like the combination of Sullivan and Mike Wazowski from Monsters inc. animated movie o_O
regarding Han Ye-seul, she has a characteristic nice voice, so yeah...


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