Friday, 27 March 2009

Kim So Eun is the new CF fairy

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Kim So-eun (20) is rapidly becoming a "CF fairy", inking deals to appear in lucrative commercials for popular brand names. Kim plays Chu Ga-eul who has captured the hearts of audience young and old on Boys Before Flowers. Her character in the drama is innocent, sweet and very likable. Topped with her youthful good looks, it makes her a perfect candidate for CF hunters.

With her popularity rising exponentially thanks to the drama, Kim has been selected as the exclusive model for Clean and Clear (클린 앤 클리어) and Pocari Sweat (포카리 스웨트).

Her predecessors who have also modeled for Clean and Clear are Park Bo-young, Yoo In-yeong, Go Eun-a and Girls Generation's Yoon-ah.

Pocari Sweat is an isotonic drink and famous actresses such as Son Ye-jin and Lee Yeon-hee have appeared in the brand's commercials.

Kim So Eun in her Pocari Sweat ad, shot in Thailand

Kim So-eun replenishes salts in her body with
the ion supply drink (isotonic) Pocari Sweat

Playing in the sun is no sweat after a Pocari drink

Kim is also the face for Clean & Clear

Source: Sports World, SPN, Chosun

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Anonymous said...

I've had a crush on her since episode 6 of BOF. Just a Beautiful young lady!

jehan said...

i really liked her acting as the young Chae Si Ra in Empress Chun Chu...

Chianz said...

Gaeul was lookin way more pretty than Geum Jandi.. ;'p this is what I personally think only.. bcoz Jandi was cute n funny!!!


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