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Jung Eui-chul plays dual role in Boys Before Flowers

A K-popped! reader wrote in to ask about the actor who plays Haje / Jaeha in Boys Before Flowers. This is for you Nanienooraini.

Jung Eui-chul (24) - model and actor once dreamed
of becoming a basketball player

Jung Eui-chul (born 19 April 1985) plays Lee Jae-ha - who befriends Geum Jan-di to avenge his brother's suicide attempt because of the notorious F4 in Boys Before Flowers. In the drama, he has an alter-ego, the supermodel Haje.

Jung Eui-chul also played the role of Jae-ha's older brother Lee Min-ha, a victim of the F4 red card who was attempting to commit suicide way back in episode 1. Geum Jan-di (Gu Hye-sun) was then delivering dry cleaning who happened to be at the scene of the incident, saved his life. Although the appearance was short, fans were awaiting for his return. Sure enough, Jung returned in episode 11 and 12 as the psychopath twin brother Jae-ha who ended up kidnapping Jandi.

Jung Eui-chul plays Lee Min-ha in episode 1 and
later comes back as twin brother Lee Jae-ha in episode 11

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Jung is Jaeha / Haje in BBF

Jung Eui-Chul dreamed of being a basketball player

Jung's first dream to become a basketball player was dashed when he hurt his ankle in an accident. It was just before a big match and Jung had to receive physical therapy after the unfortunate accident. With that door closed, Jung gave up the dream he has been nurturing for 10 years and had to choose another route in life.

He embraced a new dream - to become an actor. When he was a struggling model, he met stage actress Lee Min-ki and was inspired.

Jung debuted as a model and did not have any formal training in acting. He was told that he had a shortcoming in his soft voice and unclear pronunciation. From then on, Jung was more careful of his speech and worked on his pronunciation.

At the age of 20, Jung started landed the role in the drama Hello My Teacher. He was a student in uniform. Next he was in the drama Rainbow Romance and in movies Beasty Boys and Romantic Island.
For the next four years, Jung went back to school and majored in acting. He was also in movies Doremifasolatido, Beastie Boys and Romantic Island before landing the role in Boys Before Flowers.

Jung talks about his role in Boys Before Flowers

Jae-ha (Jung) helps Jan-di (gu Hye-sun) distribute
paper on her morning route

Jung got a break in his acting career when he landed the role in Boys Before Flowers.

Jung said it was a challenge for him to play the twins of a different nature (referring to Lee Min-ha whom he plays in episode 1, and Lee Jae-ha / Haje he plays in the later episodes). The Jae-ha in school is shy and gentle. But under all that, he is also a cynic and grew up in contempt of the arrogant F4 members. Jung worked on being that character by keeping his expressions glum and tone of voice controlled.

Now, he is gearing up for another challenge - possibly his final one.

Jung says he has three chances in his life. The first was education, the second was his dream to become a basketball player. Maybe the third would be the opportunity to live as a performer. This is the last chance for him to work hard to be good at something - to become an excellent actor.

His next project will be a movie called O-gam-do, directed by Heo Jin-ho.

Source: NoCutNews


jicks said...

gosh when jae ha appeared it was seriously eye candy overload XD

i didn't know he was gonna be in ogamdo! & lee shi young is in it too... it's like a BOF villain reunion lol

i like basketballers so i like him alot XD

selvs said...

this boy is hot O_O wooooot!
reminds me of that gold medal Korean winner other hottie you posted his pictures awhile back. gosh I'm shallow yeah =P

nanienooraini said...

omunaaaaa~~ khamsahamnida, chongmal khamsahamnida, orchid-shi :D

gosh, ain't he hawt or what??
loveeee him...

he's new in acting, yet i see a lot of potential in him!

eui-chul-shi, fighting!

Wawa said...

i really like him as haje!!! he's so hot... and another actor who is younger than me :(

Anonymous said...

He's definitely got the looks ^^
I remember seeing him in X-Man before, but he was always so... Er, 'in-/un-prominent'..?

Anyhow~~ All the best to him!

Anonymous said...

His hair in the first picture there looks like Ji-Hoo's in the second season of BOF :)

Anonymous said...

he's soo hot!!!! :-*

피지 fizzy said...

@wawa!!! exactly my point!! why do ALL of them have to be so young?!!
we can't call them oppa or sonbae now,can we? *sob sob*

anyways.. he's so HAWT nontheless..

은철-군.. 사랑해!!

Firiani Wilujeng Septyandini said...

hey anyone know in what episode, jung eui chul in rainbow romance . if anyone know please contact me . its very important !

chianz said...

haha.. even the bad character also considered lookin sooo hawtt.. no comment at all.. <3

AdY said...

i think i've seen him in another drama before coz..well, i fell in love with him THAT was Hardtack Teacher and Star Candy (YesAsia) / Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy / Hello My Teacher. He was playing one of Gong Yoo's best friend who is a total hottie. =)

Missy said...


Missy said...

hy,,,,,i from indonesia...

sherimae said...


Oh!!! :-0 He is so cute & handsome for sure


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