Sunday, 29 March 2009

Kim Joon in Dracula fashion

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Kim Joon shows off his dark side at Seoul Fashion Week

Who would have thought the next Flower Boy to take to the catwalk would be Kim Joon!

If Kim Hyun-joong opened Seoul Fashion Week 2009 in his Sherlock Holms outfit, now Kim Joon takes to stage in Count Dracula fashion - dark and mysterious.

These pics were taken at Gangnam-gu, Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention Center (SETEC) on the 27 March.

Kim Joon in heavy makeup and loads of eyeliner modeling for designer Park Hye Rin. Check out the pics below.

Source & pics credit: Newsen


jicks said...

he looks so intense! i'm digging the eyeliner twilight look XD

i only wish joon got more screentime in BOF! i always burst out into laughter when he has his homey gangsta english spurts lol

Anonymous said...

Truthfully i hate guys who wear makeup like seriously their face will show this pores and make them look ugly

Some guys fit with make up some like this hottie does not need one just eyeliner could do the thing but full face make up ?? omg

Wawa said...

wow... he looks awesome!!! way to go kim joon :)

Anonymous said...

He looks awesome! XD
I'm diggin the eyeliner on him.

Anonymous said...



He looks so WHITE~ Dracula?
Yeap, a hot one at that..!

Insyirah said...

wow, this is th first time i find im hot. hehe

shannen said...

he looks a bit like Chuck Bass of GG...and also vampire-ish..:)

Anonymous said...

Love the eyeliner - I don't think I could have imagined him looking this way, but his eyes look amazing! The boy looks good - just wish he had more screentime in BoF!

피지 fizzy said...

우빈-아!! 파 이 팅!!

i think F4 + Haje are all blessed.
they look good in pink, they look even hotter with heavy make up [eyeliner to be exact!], and they even look hot wearing high waisted pants.

oh i love u bin even more!!!!


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