Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Kim Ha-neul gets sexy for InStyle

Kim Ha-neul was in Oahu, Hawaii to shoot this collection of photos for fashion glossy InStyle.

Rest: On Air actress Kim Ha-neul takes some much needed rest

The beautiful 31-year-old poses on the island’s pristine beach with the rough waves and rocky cliffs serving as the backdrop.

The collection of lovely pictures can be found in the April 2009 issue of InStyle Korea. Va va voom! ;-)

Relax: 'Quick get the shot...I wanna take a dip in
the water.'

Sunny: 'I love the sun, sea, sand...and rocks.'

Windy: 'Whoa, did we check the weather channel
before leaving?'

Source: Hankooki

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varms said...

Somehow I love Yoon Eun Hye's model photos better, that I feel that other actresses can't express themselves as well on camera...

heartkorean said...

very cute

fraulein said...

Kim Hanuel is really pretty, albeit plastickily. I heard she's seeing hottie Kang Ji-hwan. Such a picture perfect coupling if it's true = )


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