Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Pictures of Rain attending court in Hawaii

The heading says it all.

Arrival: Rain arrives at the U.S. Disctrict Court in Hawaii

If you don’t know why Jung Ji-hoon a.k.a Rain is appearing at the US District Court in Hawaii…you haven’t been reading K-popped! have you?

These photos were taken when the 27-year-old was arriving to testify at his trial on March 16.

So-so: 'Man, I'm still suffering from jetlag...
I hope I make sense in court.'

Cool as ice: 'OK, let's go. My interpreter's with me...I'm all set.'

Source: Hankooki

Rain's legal issues:
Rain goes to Hawaii
Fraud case against Rain thrown out of court
Stormy weather for rain
And the lawsuits keep on coming
Clear skies for Rain
Rain speaks out on US tour postponement


Orchid said...

Bi Good Luck in court! He is looking very business-like in that suit.

아이스Aiseu said...

All The Best Rain! And you're really COOL in refusing to accept the Andrew Kim's papers from the processor server! I love to watch that part of the video a lot! Haha.

아자 아자 하이팅!

ridhwan said...

he's soo tall..even among the whites he's taller than them.

Mattie said...

LMAO at your photo quotes.

RIDHWAN: White people are fucking shrinking!!!!!!

selva said...

fighting Rain oppa ^^
yeah he's tall 184 cm!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

show your arrogance by letting legal documents drop to the ground. its not like the la lawsuit will go away because you don't accept the docs. being a little more gracious would have helped you in america. now americans will see that you have no respect for our laws.

hanh. said...

he's hot even when going to court!
i stil dun get dis whole thing though

Anonymous said...


2nd anon above: agreed.


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