Friday, 6 March 2009

Kim Ha-neul & Lee Jun-ki in Indonesia

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Lee Jun-ki and Kim Ha-neul in Indonesia with Vicky, Dimas & Putri

Actors Kim Ha-neul and Lee Jun-ki took a trip to Jakarta, Indonesia for a tvN cable TV show entitled World Love Special.

On the 11th February, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Ha Neul and the crew of cable channel tvN joined hands together with Good Neighbors, a world international relief organization, traveled to the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia

Kim and Lee made friends with the villagers particularly a family with three children, namely Vicky (9), Dimas (7) and Putri (11). The three children who live with their grandmother Rantes (70) survive by collecting rubbish from the neighbourhood dumping ground, recycling the waste (picking out things) to sell for money. The father of the children is currently missing.

The party donated 7.5 million won in funds, a classroom computer and basketball goalpost to the school where Vicky, Dimas and Putri goes to.

Lee Jun-ki took many photos during the trip and he said that he learned many things from the simple ways of the children. Lee also said that he hopes to return to this outreach and perhaps in future, sponsor a global village of poor children.

This television program will be broadcast in two parts on 21st and 28th March, 2009 respectively. It will be on tvN at 9pm (Seoul time).

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Lee Jun-ki and his Canon DSLR in Jakarta, Indonesia

Kim Ha-neul hanging out with local Indonesian kids

Lee Jun-ki bonding with one of the locals

Visiting the village market


Anonymous said...

junki looks great without the pose... i like the last pic... very charming and relax.. hah

Dora the Explorer said...

Lee Junki wet himself on the second picture.

noizumi said...

wah.. it's finally out!
too bad i didnt't have time to meet him in person at that time... busy working... lol

but my friend is a true stalker!
she and her gang managed to get their autograph on the set!
while others is shoo-ed by the recording staff... hahaha...

si gyla yg cerdik. said...

meh come to malaysia!


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