Saturday, 7 March 2009

Jo In-sung's emotional Japanese fan meetings

Jo In-sung sporting a weird hairdo at his Japanese fan meetings

Soon to be enlisting for compulsory military service, Korean actor Jo In-Sung (Frozen Flower, A Dirty Carnival) had a teary fan meeting with his fans in Osaka (3 March) and Tokyo (5 March).

The Japanese fan meetings adopted the theme "Thanks a Million". I guess Jo wanted to thank his fans for all their love and support before leaving for a period of 2-years, away from the entertainment industry's searchlights.

Thanks a Million folks!

Jo In-sung (28) spent time with fans by singing them a few songs and preparing a time capsule. They took photos and wrote messages to be kept in the time-capsule so that Jo can remember these times. Jo and his fans also sang the song "Love Conquers All" (사랑은 이긴다) together.

It sure sounds like a very emotional fan meeting and fans shed tears freely. It was reported that there was an "ocean of tears" as a total of 7,500 fans bid farewell to their favourite actor.

Jo In-sung will officially enlist for duty on the 6th April and he will be joining air force training.

Jo In-sung singing for his fans

Kim Ki-bang, Jo's Frozen Flower co-star
(he is also in Boys Before Flowers) joined him at the fan meets

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marian said...

ugh... what's with the HAIR? he must've been driving a top-down car on his way to the fan meeting. ;)


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