Monday, 16 March 2009

Kim Hyun-joong's Guerilla Date on Entertainment Relay


Align CenterKim Hyun-joong getting ready to go on the Gyro Drop.
It takes you 30 stories high and then whooosh! It drops you...

It looks like Kim Hyun-joong decides to go to Lotte World /Magic Land for his "Guerilla Date" segment on Entertainment Relay. In the entertainment program, celebrities are taken for a walk along the streets or in a public place and is interviewed by one of the hosts on the show.

Kim Hyun-joong (23) took a break from filming KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers for his interview. Fondly known as Ji-hoo sunbae (지후선배) in the drama, the 23 year-old singer/actor looked just as charming and romantic as his character. Although he was rather playful in this interview session. He challenged the reporter to taking the Gyro Drop -- a heart stopping exhilarating ride in the amusement park.

Hyun-joong's "Guerilla Date" will be broadcast on White Day (March 14) on KBS2, 9:50pm.

Don't forget, you have a date with me on White Day!

Update: 16 March, 2009
The video clip is out! Pretty boy Kim Hyun-joong goes on a "date" with ER (Entertainment Relay) reporter at Lotte World! The camera captures his expression as he goes on the Gyro Drop!!!

Source: Newsen, StarNews


~ * thoughts * ~ said...

Poor LeaderHJ looks so tired in the last pic.. His eye bags have gone deeper.. Hope the poor thing gets some good rest when this drama wraps up..

Anonymous said...

he looks so tired!!! =(
poor guy.

Anonymous said...

he looks so tired!!! =(
poor guy.

hanh. said...

ahhh....obvs im going to miss this ep on kbs world.

heromi said...

ohh so sad..he looks so very tired he needs more time to rest.physically and mentally his not healthy.

heromi said...

oohh so sad..oh boy he so tired he really need more time to rest.. mentally and physically hes not healthy.

nanienooraini said...

y is korean entertainment so harsh on its celebs? i mean look at hyun joong! he looks so dead tired! lucky he didn't die due to heart attack while the ride whooshed him straight down! (if i were him, geting 2-3 hours of sleep a day & then took this ride... hmmm... i dun think i can make it on the way down... my heart would have stopped functioning as soon as the thing whoosed me down, i tell ya! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)anyways, is he straight or hmmm... gay? he wears too much make-up! too much!

Orchid said...

@nanienooraini When watching BBF, i noticed that KHJ wears the most make-up among the other F4 guys too.

Yes he looks tired in that second pic. Hope Ji-hoo sunbae gets some much needed rest.

daisyjane said...

It's hilarious when KHJ sings the BBF song and the reporter goes all fan-girl like shouting his name. So FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an episode in WGM! *joongbo fan here" sorry!

Hope the drama finishes soon so he can get some rest and play with HB and his crew SS501!

I think the reporter has fallen in love with him! LOL

jicks said...

Agreed w/ daisyjane ^O^;;

BTW, he looks tired because he is tired! Hope he gets some well-deserved rest soon. But it's great that he got to come out & have some fun... & looked good doing it too. I'm loving the hair (& how it never messes up during the rides XDD)

JiHoo sunbae, saranghaeyo!

Orchid said...

@jicks, after watching the clip a second time (because of your comment) i wholeheartedly agree. His hair rocks! It's shock proof, wind proof and Gyro Drop proof! :-)

jicks said...

lol Gyro Drop proof! Definitely XDD
Makes him so much more fairytale like, doesn't it XP

most ppl would also end up w/ at least one "ugly face" shot coming down the ride but all of his were so adorable *SIGH*

|| Lyññ || said...

I wonder when it will be showing on KBS World with subbies ^^

Hehe... shud be this week or the next one... Can't wait \\^o^//


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