Saturday, 7 March 2009

Kwon Sang-woo has Gu Jun-pyo hair!

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Do you like my curls?

Once heartthrob but now devoted husband and father, Kwon Sang-soo (33) is the first to sport permanent curls. Since Lee Min-ho made his Boys Before Flowers character Gu Jun-pyo along with his curls so fabulously charismatic, i am willing to bet that men in Korea will follow suit and curls will be the next most-wanted hairstyle.

"Give me curls like Gu Jun-pyo" would be the most used phrase when they go for a haircut. It's bye-bye bowl cut, hello curls!

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Curly Kwon : I must say, i like your hair straight Mr Kwon.

Kwon in MBC's Golden Fishery

But enough about Kwon's hair, and on to some news about him. On the 25th February 2009, Kwon Sang-woo appeared in the MBC talk show "Golden Fishery" and confessed that he deviously planned to get then girlfriend Sohn Tae-young (29) pregnant so that she will marry him.

Kwon Sang-woo:
"Getting Son Tae Young pregnant before marriage was my intention, she was kept in the dark all along. I’m the ‘mastermind’. There were rumours claiming that I was forced to marry her because she was pregnant. This is definitely not the truth. In fact, it was my wish to marry her that I intentionally made her pregnant."

Why did he do that? Is Kwon so insecure that he thinks she would not have married him if he would just propose to her -- the normal way without having to get her with child?

In anycase, his wife Sohn Tae-young is not the least bit miffed about his "plan" and is now happily the mother of their child, Luke.

Sohn Tae-young:
I now have the child of the person I loved most, I’m already satisfied and happy with this.

Very much a family man now, Kwon expressed that he would like to bring his son up as a soccer player. He also expressed wishes that he would still like to hear compliments from fans and said, “I may not be able to become a top excellent actor but I still hope to at least hear comments like ‘the project that Kwon Sang Woo acted in is pretty good'."

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Golden Fishery poster -- Song Seung Hun
(Kwon's good friend) made a special guest appearance on the program.

View the Golden Fishery show on Youtube.

Via Kwon Sang-woo Singapore fan club.


nwe said...


Biscuit said...

He looks... alright in curls XD

But isnt Yoon Sang-hyun the first with curls?


Orchid said...

@Biscuit oh yeah, you are right! Liz mentioned about it in this entry too Oh Ji-ho slams dating rumour

We will definitely be seeing more curls soon. Wonder who's next...

Anonymous said...

oh my god, he's 33 and trying very hard to look like 23???

wake up ..

Anonymous said...

he should've just shut up already about the pregnancy. what's wrong with saying - look we were in love, we got pregnant. ahhh kwon sang woo, you disappoint me.

so many excuses, so many "stories". too late, too lame. stick to the truth, it makes life easier.

Dora the Explorer said...

Clearly the curls was cruel and unusual punishment enforced by his wife for tricking her into marriage.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I don't buy the his pregnancy story. It was an accident, so move on already = )

I'm not feeling the curls ; (

peepoo said...

my sentiments also about his pregnancy story. everyone knows it was an accident and he did the right thing by marrying his baby's mama so just leave it at that! it's nice that he's trying to do the chivalrous thing to make her look better by saying it's HIS idea ppl even care anymore?


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