Saturday, 7 March 2009

Choi Jung-won in digital short film "Sydney In Love"

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Choi Jung-won's digital short film entitled "Sydney In Love" was released on the 5th March. The 28-year-old actress of historical drama Kingdom of the Wind will star opposite Baek Sung-hyun in a summer love story filmed in Sydney, Australia.

If you are interested, you may look for this movie online.

Watch the short film here:

Source: Newsen


Chianz said...

where can I get to watch this awesome movie? I can't search any single episode from youtube.. ~.~''

teukiangel said...

lol. i live here in sydney :P

selva said...

pretty girl, but IMO can't act *_*

Anonymous said...

Wow....isn't that the dress that ga eul wore in BOF?

Orchid said...

@Chianz, the short film is out. You can watch it here.

Chianz said...

k-popped was de best as I always mentioned it to all my frenz <3
becoz k-popped team always gave up all de best to all k-addcited just like me.. Nomu chu-an hae k-popped

Orchid said...

@chianz kamsahamnida!!


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