Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Lee Min-ho slaps on Etude

What brand of makeup does Boys Before Flowers actor Lee Min-ho slap on? Try Etude.

Perfection: Lee Min-ho shows off his
porcelain-like complexion

The 22-year-old has been selected as the face of the makeup brand because he’s white hot commodity at the moment.

Are you on your way to the nearest Etude shop now? ;-p

Pretty as a flower: Real men wear pink? ;-)

Source: Hankooki

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Join in the Boys Before Flowers craze!


Orchidyaldix said...

hahahaha...still he looks hot in pink hahahahha
he just so cute!!!
aiigooooo...it hurts to see such a hot guy like him hahahaa....in my next life I wanna be born in SK and be his wife xD

Wawa said...

i love the first pix... and he looks good in pink!!!! :)

Wawa said...
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피 지 fizzy said...

Minho is blessed, he looks good even in pink!! lol
[i remembered he had a pink pants in BBF..]
but i cant help but to notice that he look totally different from his junpyo character..
how should i put it.. a bit 'softer'? a bit Jihu-like.. ㅋㅋㅋ..

they are all addictive!!

Wawa said...

@피 지 fizzy
i agree with you! everytime i see his pictures, i can't really relate him to GJP's character... he looks very calm & softer!!!

daisyj said...

He's excellent and so talented! ♥

nanienooraini said...

is this brand available in kuala lumpur? hiks!

Orchid said...

@nanienooraini Yes, Etude House is here in Malaysia. I am actually using the toner right now. Ended up buying it because the sales girl was very helpful and friendly.

There's an outlet in 1Utama. Near Cold Storage supermarket...and oh yes...Lotte Mart!

Kali said...

Lee Min Hoo
Juss simply Lub u
Ur r juss so kwl n Awesome
D 1st tm I saw d drama BOF n ofcourse u
I was woohooooo he is cute cute cute cute....
I hav a very very very very very huge crush on u
LUB U..........

tracy_hweichyen said...

Maybe K-popped can introduce some of Etude House products to us....
The skin care products is kinda good....
Maybe some of u guys should try it out....
Btw,they are now giving Lee Min Ho folder away when u purchase any of their products....


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