Monday, 23 March 2009

Yoon Eun-hye attends rumoured boyfriend's concert

Kim Jong Kook's concert on 21 March

Korean news sites are abuzz with talk that Coffee Prince darling Yoon Eun-hye attended singer Kim Jong-kook's recent concert.

It has been rumoured that Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Jong-kook share more than the platonic friendship they both claim. Perhaps it is because the lack of interesting news Yoon Eun-hye is generating lately, but everyone is talking about the talented actress attending Kim's concert on 21 March at Ewha Women's Auditorium, Seoul.

Yoon stayed for the entire 3-hour concert cheering and singing along to Kim Jong-kook's songs while holding a glowstick. Just like a normal fan?
Well, YEH wasn't just a normal fan at a concert, because after the show, Yoon was seen going backstage and talking to Kim Jong-kook (congratulating him on a great show no doubt).

Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Jong-kook have been linked for the past 4-years.

Old pic of YEH and KJK in their Xmen days

Thanks to K-popped! reader Hanabar Bera

Kim Jong Kook concert pic credit: HeraldBiz

Check out what YEH says about KJK


Anonymous said...

Aiyah, they are dating lah! He is so interested in her, even once mentioning that he should've dated YEH back when they had the rumours going around~

They make a cute couple~ ^^

milagirll said...

Hummmm.... Why does this sound sooo familiar?

sara said...

Dating or not dating, I think these two are extremely close. So close that even YEH's parents say they like him.

maybe said...

For 4 years the media hasn't stopped linking them romantically and even their friends continue on teasing them, despite kjk's i say 'there's no smoke without fire'

Anonymous said...

Awwww:) very sweet of YEH.
I think they match eachother well.

Anonymous said...

They are cute! Especially Eun Hye :)

orange kisses said...

YEH and KJK will always be my all-time favorite couple. Their chemistry is just simply undeniable onscreen and off.

It makes me very happy that after all these years, they still support eachother.

tina said...

Poor Lee Minki:( he likes YEH so much.

Anonymous said...

love these two! never fails to support each other :)


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