Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Lee Min-ki wants Yoon Eun-hye

Must be all those sexy Vivien bra adverts.

Actor Lee Min-ki has been telling all and sundry about his crush on everyone’s Coffee Prince darling Yoon Eun-hye (YEH). The 24-year-old said that he liked her ever since he saw her in the variety programme X-Man.

Lonely: Lee Min-ki plays with his cat while
waiting for YEH to call

Company: He then does the extraordinary and duplicates
himself to keep himself company. Brr...scary.

Back in 2005, the Oishii Man said that he’d always wanted to get close to YEH during X-Man but never got the chance because they were on different teams.

When fashion glossy CeCi interviewed Lee Min-ki the following year, he again expressed his like for a girl who is sincere and kind (but didn’t mention her name). In 2007, CeCi got the actor to reveal that the girl he alluded to was actually 25-year-old Yoon Eun-hye.

The young man is drawn to ladies who say “thank you” and sincerely show concern for others - all qualities YEH apparently has.

In the latest interview with CeCi (March 2009 issue), Lee Min-ki again insists that YEH is the woman of his dreams.

Solo: Min-ki shows you how to play the
one-man version of musical chairs

Here’s the excerpt of the interview:

CeCi: I still recall that you chose Yoon Eun-hye sshi as your ideal woman during our interview 2 years ago.

LMK: Yes, I told you I wanted a woman who is healthy, possesses a great personality and one who has a lovable nature. That has not changed even to this day. I like the real Yoon Eun-hye sshi since the X-man days as well as the character she played in Coffee Prince. I fall for a woman who says "thank you" when she's grateful and immediately goes “Are you alright?” when she sees someone falling.

Do you think Lee Min-ki and Yoon Eun-hye make a good celebrity couple? ;-)

Source: K-popped! reader hanabar bera
Pics credit: CeCi scans from Soompi

Lee Min-ki wears a sarong for Oishii Man

Eugene and Lee Min-ki in the Philippines


Anonymous said...

hahah... even all this, YEH still does not want to encourage him... by keeping silent and avoiding him...

But you gotta hand it to him, he's quite open and presistant...

will they make a good couple? not sure.. YEH is too cute ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing I'v heard in a very long time!
If I was YEH I would be so flattered. I think Lee Minki description on why he likes her is the best compliment a woman could ever receive. I think it's way better than being complimented for looks alone.
He is telling everyone that YEH is a genuinely nice person.
I think I am starting to love Lee Minki.

RyuuXLe said...

Wow isn't he the really awkward one who was in one of those "Love triangle" Dayunhji? xD Haha he was sooo awkward with YEH. Anyway, I never thought he really liked her. Haha hope he won't get bashed.

Oh yeah..He has Kim Jong Kook to worry about. ;D

Anonymous said...

i think they'd be cute together.
he seems like a true sweetheart,
and it's adorable that he has
maintained his crush on YEH
after all these years.
his persistence can pay off.
who knows ...

Anonymous said...

Haha he is such a cutie :) I remember them back from the old X-man days...He did show interest in her back then too lol. I think they would make a cute couple...maybe they could pair up in a drama? In these pictures, Lee Min Ki looks pretty gorgeous and of course Yoon Eun Hye is <3

yamone007 said...

minki is so adorkable. He showed great acting in dal ja's spring!

Anonymous said...

oh yes definitely i think theyd be cute together. she always wanted a guy who wasnt that good looking, but has special qualities, and i think lee min ki has something about him in which makes people attracted to him. i think they would definitely make a great couple. and i somehow love it when a guy is so forward about his feelings, it means he truly likes her. instead of being shy all the time and keeping it in.

nina said...

He is quite a persistent young fellow.
I remember some fans saw him 2 years ago visiting YEH at the Coffee Prince shooting location accompanied by Park Han Byul.
Fans felt bad for PHB cause as soon as he saw YEH, he just left PHB standing there all by herself and talked to YEH for a very long time.

He is quite a romantic.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I think she matches much better with Kim Jong Kook :)

aya said...

I think they will be really cute together!:D. Love them both

bella said...

I so do not blame him.
YEH is a girl that you can proudly bring home and introduce to your family.

All of the guys who have expressed that YEH is their ideal girl are so specific and detailed as to why they like her.

In 2006 Yoon Jong Shin also declared that his ideal girl is YEH because she has a great personality.

Kim jong Kook said that YEH has really good manners.

The LG baseball player also said something but can't remember what.

Anonymous said...

YEH?She's quite good neh!but anyway..i really hopes there would b more movie/drama comin soon from this couple hehe(ACTUALLY AS LONG AS ITS MIN KI I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY ALREADY!!!)AWAITING FOR THAT!!! MIN KI I LUV U!!!!

Pat said...

i agree that LMK compliment is very sweet i hope they can make a good couple and i do belive that YEH is an ideal woman for many men out there.


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