Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Korean F4 meet Japanese fans

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Boys Before Flowers main cast from left:
Kim Bum, Lee Min-ho, Kim Joon & Kim Hyun-joong
meet their fans from Japan

7th March, 2009 - Seoul

The Korean Flower Boys (F4) met with Japanese fans on Saturday. It was the day they found out fellow co-star Jang Ja-yeon had committed suicide. Even though their mood was somber, the boys needed to suck it in and meet with fans who came from Japan. The fans were naturally very excited to see the Korean F4.

Since the event was planned well ahead of time, the boys had to meet and greet their fans. Arriving for the meeting a little late, Kim Hyun-joong apologized for their tardiness and greeted the fans in Japanese -- much to the delight of those present.

At the fan meeting, they also talked about the accidents Kim Bum and actress Gu Hye-sun experienced while filming. Kim Bum explained that he was in two accidents and Gu Hye-sun was in an accident that caused a wound in her face and they had to stop filming last week.

He also commented about the death of Jang Ja-yeon -- the cast and crew of Boys Before Flowers production team are crushed with sorrow but they still need to continue.

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아이스Aiseu said...

i hope the filming of the drama will be safe and sound...

nanienooraini said...

errr...what's up with woon bin's hairstyle??? he looks like an oldie hehehe

-XioN- said...

apparently ji hoo ( i forgot how to spell his name.. ㅋㅋㅋ) was pissed when they had to go for this fan meet cause is like not respecting the decease.. but it was planned earlier.. so nth much could be said...

Oh well.. RIP to her.. n i hope all the cast would stay healthy and may God protect each n everyone of them..

Wawa said...

arghhhhhhhhh... i love them so much!!!

agree with nanienooraini! wassup with kim joon/woo bin's hair???

anna said...

Ew, JP, what's with the scarf thing. It looks so gay.

Anonymous said...

They are so handsome!

jicks said...

they look good as a group =)

i really think they should gather the Korean, Japanese & Taiwanese F4 altogether in one room & have a showdown! i would so be there XD


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