Tuesday, 17 March 2009

MBC partners Crunchyroll

Yes, all you Crunchyroll supporters, good news for you this Tuesday morning.

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has a “strategic partnership” with Crunchyroll – the world’s #1 online platform that streams Asian entertainment content.

In the pipelines are more than 30 complete MBC Korean drama series. The first drama is scheduled to begin streaming in the week of March 16, 2009. Cowabunga, it’s THIS WEEK.

Get Asian entertainment content online!

More complete MBC series will be released each week on the Crunchyroll platform for free ad-supported viewing.

Kewl, now I know where I can watch MBC dramas since Malaysia only gets the KBS network. Eh, what am I saying? I dislike watching movies/ dramas on the computer.

“We would like to extend our warmest welcome to our newest content partner MBC America,” said Crunchyroll Vice President Ilya Levtov.

“The Crunchyroll audience has always been passionate about Korean dramas and it is a pleasure to make this collection of great dramas available to our millions of users in North America,” he added.

Point and click to: www.crunchyroll.com.


jane said...

wow, it's about time a station partnered w/1 of the sites instead of trying to shut them down! good jarb, mbc! *thumbs up

daisyjane said...

Whoa...great news. I'm gonna bookmark this!

아이스Aiseu said...

omg! korean getting big!haha

Wawa said...

i love crunchyroll actually although some viewers kinda hate it since CR is not really free online streaming!

i loves watching drama here since they are not splitting the drama so much... and sometime 1 episode 1 vid rather split it into few parts...

a good new start for CR! :)

Anonymous said...

does that mean, Jumong will be shown in CR now?


Liz said...

Hi guys, please note the change that it is MBC America.

Dottie said...

Finally someone decided to use their brain and make this profitable for everyone.

Crunchyroll was such a pioneer in spreading Hallyu across the world before licensing and stupid copyright issues yanked movie after movie, series after series.

MBC should have done this like two years ago but still, better late than never.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's grate news^_^

But there is a little mistake. Ilya Levtov - is man:) no she)))

Liz said...

oh ha ha, thanks anonymous above. That's my bad. Sorry! I will correct the mistake now.

tiny น่ารัก said...

yay! this is really good news! this made my day :D ahahaha

~Heekmah!~ said...

i heard shinji said that it's only for people in the US..huu


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