Thursday, 5 March 2009

Oh Ji-ho slams dating rumour

During the press conference for his latest drama Queen of Housewives on March 4, Mr. Dimples slammed the rumour that he’s dating the daughter of a chabeol (business conglomerate) family.

Swinging single: "I'm not dating anyone...but Liz.'

“Actually, I first heard the rumour about a year ago,” said the 33-year-old hunk. “It’s just absurd; I don’t even know how the woman looks like.

“A friend of mine even asked me to confirm the rumour. Other people I know have also been calling me about this and I keep saying that it’s not true.

“It’s really absurd,” he added.

Of course it is, Oh ji-hunk…it just goes to show that you’re one eligible bachelor and women like to “associate” themselves with you for the fun of it. You know, like how we are currently having this long-distance and discreet relationship without anyone’s knowledge? So discreet that you don’t even know about it? Yeah, just like that :-P

Right, and below are pictures of Oh’s co-stars in the MBC drama Queen of Housewives, which is set to air on March 16 in South Korea.

Kim Nam-joo: 'No, no, I'm not dating Oh Ji-ho too.'

Yoon Sang-hyun: 'Oh Ji-ho refuses to date
me...I like Lee Min-ho of BOF, thus my snazzy

Source: Newsen with translation by Joe Gimm

Oh Ji-ho is a naughty boy in new drama

Oh Ji-ho at the 2009 Asia Model Festival Awards

Oh Ji-ho in charity fashion show

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Orchid said...

Hahaha...Liz...dream on!

harley said...

Hello Liz

I have never met Oh Ji-ho but according to my friend Soompi Zio Lady Jane(who has & got to hug him)he knows me she asked ZIO to autograph "Beginning ~Zio~ his photo album to HarleyDaz – he looked at the name, and then said, “Oh, I know who” and he signed it!

I now have the photo album here in NY signed to me.

According to Jane he was asked at one of the events in Yokohama, Japan if he had a girlfriend he said NO!

I'm looking forward to Zio's new series along with all my Zio sisters.

Wishing much success to
Oh Ji-ho and the cast for "Queen of Housewives".


Hugs to K-popped Sisters & Joe Gimm for the translation.


Anonymous said...

No fighting ladies...he's secretly dating me..


Anonymous said...

Dream on ladies...
I'll get my time too...haha

Lucky Jane (our Soompi sister) she got a 'tight'?? hug and 'smell' our OH JI Hunk!!!

Liz and the rest of you, you better hurry up 'time is the essence' Mr Dimple is waiting!!!

P S Inez, I hear you!!

Luvlilady ( another Soompi sister)

Jane said...

I think it is fine for Oh Ji Hunk (thanks LIZ for this word - it really sticks!) to be rumoured to be dating a “rich” girlfriend, but it appears he did not like it. It also sounds believable that he doesn’t even know what she looks like!

Oh Ji Hunk is NO DOUBT A VERY ELIGIBLE, WELL-EDUCATED, WELL-MANNERED and TENDER (as ZIONISM put it) gentleman, besides GREAT LOOKS and HUNKY body - won’t most girls want to be linked with him too??

I've received private messages from some super Japanese fans who said that as far as they know or understand from his interviews, he is NOT dating.

During the recent fan meeting in Yokohama, Oh Ji Hunk said that his parents wanted him to get married and have given him 3 years as an ultimatum. He paused and then said perhaps he does not want to get married after all!

As I know he loves children, I was dismayed to hear this!

When I hugged him (yes, and smelled his wonderful and refershing perfume, ENERGY C Series 8 (Lime) by Comme Des Garcons) I whispered "I hope you will get married someday as you will make a great dad!"

No matter what's in store for ZIO in the future, I wish him God's best and much success in his endeavors: dramas, films, adverts/modelling, personal & love life...



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