Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lee Jun-ki to hold concert on April 18

Lee Jun-ki is currently preparing to hold a large scale concert on April 18 for his fans!

Song and dance: Jun-ki contemplates about giving
his best performance

The 27-year-old held a concert at the Jamsil Olympic Park Fencing Stadium back in 2006. That concert, which was called Episode 1, was a success. The impressive turnout of about 12,000 fans for the first concert prompted another concert which is aptly called Episode 2.

And so, Lee Jun-ki has been preparing for the show since filming for SBS miniseries Iljimae wrapped.

Lee’s rep from Mentor Entertainment said that a World Tour for Episode 2 is already in the works! Watch out world.

Would you like to watch Lee Jun-ki sing and dance?

Serious: Jun-ki the actor wants to be
a singer/dancer

Source: Hankooki

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Anonymous said...

Whether he acts, dances or even sings, my eyes want to see Lee Jun-ki! XD

Daphne. said...

OMG!!! Yes, I'd love to see him sing and sance. :D


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