Friday, 20 March 2009

Rain Hawaii trial - the verdict's out

Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) and his former entertainment company JYP Entertainment were charged with committing fraud and breach of contract when a concert on June 15, 2007 was abruptly canceled. They must pay US$8.086 million in damages to the event's promoter. This was decided by a federal court jury on March 19, 2009 in Honolulu.

The jury found Rain personally liable for more than US$3 million and his then management company, JYP Entertainment, responsible for most of the rest. Two other promoters, StarM Entertainment and Revolution Entertainment, which did not defend themselves in the suit, were found liable for some US$500, 000 of the total award.

The award will be made to Click Entertainment who filed the suit. Owner Seong Su Lee said that he will move to collect the judgment as soon as possible.

I'll bet Rain was unhappy with all the proceedings. If it were in his power, he would not have canceled any of his concerts. Despite his claims that he had no role in the cancellation, he has to bear with the consequences.

While in Honolulu, he was also slapped with another law suit -- this time a cancellation to his LA concert. Reports have it that a man attempted to serve Rain with the legal papers in front of the federal court building, but he let the papers fall to the ground.

Heya, don't give me those papers.

Despite the all-business and no nonsense visit to Hawaii, fans were excited that Rain was in the vicinity. They showed up to greet him at the airport and the federal court building.

Rain who always appreciates his fans, took some time to shake hands, pose for pictures and said "I'm so happy to be here. Thank You."

Rain took time to greet his fans in Honolulu

View the Special Video Report on Honolulu Advertiser.

Source: Honolulu Advertiser
(Thanks to a K-popped! reader for the tip)

Pictures of Rain attending court in Hawaii
Rain goes to Hawaii
Rain cancels Shanghai concert
Stormy weather for Rain

And the lawsuits keep on coming


Anonymous said...

I read this
"Waiting patiently with the spectators on the ground was yet another process server. This one was holding lawsuit papers for Rain from Kleege Industries, promoters of the abruptly canceled Rain concert in San Diego."
Means there will be more than one law suit!

Anonymous said...

Agh. That's a lot of money.
But I guess he can pay it off..
He is Bi Rain after all. But it
will ne a big blow on both
Ents. Hopefully he doesn't have
another lawsuit filed against him.
But I kinda doubt that.

Reyy said...

urgh so unfair!
3 million! wth
and he just broke out on
his own. he doesn't
need all this crap.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fake fake fake. Why doesn't he pose for pics in Asia?

Double standards!

He deserves it.


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