Thursday, 19 March 2009

F4 Selca : Kim Hyun-joong with a digicam

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Ji-hoo sunbae with his Canon IXUS digital camera
invites you to the Boys Before Flowers set.
"Come, i'll show you around..."

Korean website ISPLUS really has privileged rights to the Flower Four. Just out, a series of deliciously interesting selca (self-cam or cam-whoring) photos of the stars are made available.

Pardon me for the steady stream of F4 blog entries lately, but i just can't help it. Boys Before Flowers' news are just everywhere on the Internet! Plus it does not help that i click on (almost) every pic of Lee Min-ho that i see on the web. ;-) If this bores you, please skip to the next entry or do a search of your favourite star in our search box on the top right of our website.

In the first series of SELCA photos, let Kim Hyun-joong (Ji-hoo sunbae) show you how the boys fool around with a digital camera while on the set.

Foolin' around in between takes.
See how small Hyun-joong's face is.
Next, Kim Bum lifts KHJ up on his palm.

"It's so cold, we hardly shower."
They filmed the drama in winter. To keep warm
in between takes, they don thick jackets.

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I told you it was cold!
They share their KHJ wears the
one KJ was wearing in the top pic

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Ouch! Don't pull on my hair says Gu Hye-sun to her stylist.
Hey i thought she did her own hair and make-up?


selva said...

lols they are so cute boys indeed ^^ 1st I watched this drama because of Kim Bum, then I started warming up for all the boys ^^ they are really good and all of them can act (except maybe for one =P ) but yeah all of them are nice and look like real friends ^^
I also thought that GHS does her own hairstyle? maybe after the fans complains of her hairstyle and make-up, the production team hired a special stylist for her!

Anonymous said...

kim joon oppa.. you're the best lookin guy of f4!!

syn70 said...

I am 34 and I crush on this show too! So, if you girls feel awkward... ha ha! I must hide then!

yin said...

i got interested in this drama thanks to MY ss501 HYUN JOONG !
LOOOOOOL ! that boy is soooo adorable .
but i have yet to really watch and follow it tho . :/
it seems to be gaining up really well from what u said !

oppa hwaiting ! <3

Wawa said...

geeshhhh... how cute this boys can be??? i'm sooooooooo in love with all of them... hahahaha! can't believe the drama gonna end in 2 weeks time! huhu

ana said...

no, we'll never get bored of BBF news. the guys are so cute and so is GHS!!! I wish BBF never ends. I wish3...


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