Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Se7en debuts in the USA with 'Girls'

Se7en (real name Choi Dong-wook) finally makes his American debut!

Se7en has been promoting his English songs through preview parties namely at Hiro Ballroom in New York City and other parties across the US and Canada.
He officially makes his debut in the USA on 10th March, 2009 with the single "Girls".

The single comes with a music video which is released simultaneously in the States, Korea and Japan.
The debut song "Girls" was produced by well known producer Dark Child. Lil Kim is also featured in this song.

Girls Video Debut Teaser:

Source: Osen

More news on Se7en!


Dottie said...

I've been listening non-stop to this song for the past two days.


Dora the Explorer said...

If this "I'm a playa'" video is a prelude to what's to come from se7en, then soon we're going to be listening to him singing about getting high and bustin' a cap in someone's ass.

Good God. *shakes head*

Dottie said...

@ Dora: So somehow if T.I or Lil' Wayne sing about those things it's okay but when Se7en does it ~ not so much?

I mean, there are actually those of us who grew up in another culture and subsequently and inadvertently assimilating. It's not my fault that I talk/act like a sista when that's all I've known my whole life.

It really is who I am.

Similarly, we always welcome Western artists using/mimicking Eastern elements and consider that as a compliment but when it's the other way around, Asians are just posers?!

Sad, sad...

Dora the Explorer said...

I don't know where you're getting the idea that I made an implication that Seven or Asians for that matter are posers. I don't even know why you're talking about your life to me.

I never said Seven shouldn't blend in with the American environment, I simply pointed out that I don't want to see him sing about those controversial topics with the whole "playa" stuff. And NOT because I think it's "poser" thing to do, but because it's lame and he has an image to uphold. He is a role model in Korea.

varms said...

From what I can see here, Se7en's video doesn't look half bad after all... Maybe this wouldn't turn out to be embarrassing and Se7en was just bidding his time to produce something better quality-wise... :-)

I love BoA's song 'I Did It For Love' but I think her new video is scary...

Dottie said...

@ Dora:

1. Think Se7en's "All Night" + "Passion" MVs ~ he was a 'playa' in them way before "Girls", bumping and grinding up to girls.

2. I was not sharing my life, rather highlighting the fact that there are 'foreign natives' in all countries and often they are chastised for 'imitating' when in reality, that is the only culture they know.

3. Se7en obviously did not want to do the same things he did in Korea which is why he flew far, far away to be different. And when did 'playa' become "controversial"?

However, I do agree that he is a role model in Korea and respected YG sunbae. But he's put so much work and time to debut in U.S so let's just support him.

Taehanminguk Manseh!


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