Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Super Junior The 3rd Album Sorry Sorry

Thirteen member boy band Super Junior makes a comeback with their 3rd album entitled SORRY, SORRY.

This album has an Urban Minimal Funky dance music style. The boys are showing off new haircuts and wearing Justin Timberlake-like sexy masculine suits (or so it says in a recent article).

Compose Yoo Yeong-jin uses the words "sorry" and "baby" combined to coin the word "shawty" in the title track.

The album is expected to drop on March 16, 2009. You can pre-order Sorry, Sorry from YesAsia!

Here, try spotting your favourite SuJu member in these promotional pics.

Source: Hankooki

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Miss Healerzz said...

GREAT!!! I was waiting for you girls to do some update on their comeback! ^^

The MV is not out yet, so it's still 13eyond Your Imagination.

Orchid said...

@Miss Healerzz
Although the full MV is not out yet, you can check out the 30 second teaser on YouTube & listen to the full song!

30 second teaser:

Full song (Sorry, Sorry):

Miss Healerzz said...

Owh!! Thank you so much!!! XD That is sooo amazing~ :D

Bubbles said...

The album will be released today, 12 March 2009, in Korea actually. I guess yesasia is releasing it later as they have to source it from Korea.

Orchid said... have a very nice nick. Well, Super Junior fans must be very happy to hear the release date is today then.

Zsaryn said...

Their MV should be out today. Can't wait.

Miss Healerzz said...

and the MV is not out yet =.=; but the comeback stage during Music Bank at fridayyhhh!!! Wooohhhooo!!

eira91 said...

hi..if u wanna download the latest full korean songs, u can go to this blogger.

even super junior's songs also got it there.
just click the song u want to download!

Miss Healerzz said...

^I hope people could buy their original album to support the artist.

zoe sawyer said...

i watched the MV for "sorry sorry" on youtube

i was mesmerized!
they're just great!
perfect dance moves for the perfect song..
superb..n their new style is so hard to beat..suits them in every angle

ive been a fan since Twins Knock Out
n now i just love them more..

go suju!!!

House of ELF said...

i bought their album 3rd album already... really nice!
they become so mature...
And for those Malaysian fans out there, please check out this site
we are now try to gather super junior fans around Malaysia in one spot! So, please support if you do love suju!


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