Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Song Il Gook in Hawaii

Aloha! Song Il Gook receiving a Hawaiian lei
from a local upon arrival- a symbol of affection.

King of saguek (historical/period) dramas Song Il Gook (Jumong, Kingdom of the Wind) made his Hawaiian fans very happy by visiting Hawai'i for the very first time. Song was in Hawaii on March 20 - 24.

While in Hawaii, Song attended a press conference on the 20 March at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and met with his fans from the Gentle Song Il Kook fan club.
Song also appeared on Saturday Night Countdown (a variety show) on 21 March, 6 - 9pm at Blaisdell Concert Hall.

It was reported that the South Korean actor received a commendation as "Ambassador of Hallyu" from Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona recognizing the enthusiasm for Korean pop culture in the islands.

I love Hawaii! The weather is just perfect and it
makes me want to stay here - permanently.

What an honour!
A Hawaiian bred hibiscus is named after Song Il-gook.

Song was presented with a picture of the hibiscus
because he could not take the actual plant back to South Korea.

Here's a video of Song Il-gook singing with fans at the fan meeting (from yokozang, Gentle Daum Cafe).

Pics credit: Honolulu Advertiser, Daum Gentle cafe

Song Il-gook to visit Hawaii


Liz said...

Song Il-gook looks cute in the sing a-long.

Anonymous said...

There's no one quite like Song Il-Kook! I was fortunate enough to attend the press conference, Countdown Concert and fan meeting. As well as see him arrive and depart at HNL. He's truly a gentleman .. considerate, kind, patient, thoughtful ....

During the singalong of Zoo's "Nol Saranghagesso", he was seated at the table ... then began singing to himself as the ladies were singing to him. Before long, he stood up and jumped in to sing along with them. It was a precious moment!

Much LOVE to Song Il-Kook! Come back to Hawaii anytime you want!!! We'll be here for you! <3

hibiscus@poetic said...


SIG is in Iran right now. Invited by LG Iran to promote their products and at the same time to meet his fans. Jumong is aired in Iran with ratings of 70-85%.
His Iranian fans has posted photos in soompi. come on over.


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