Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Taegoon in Thailand

It’s official. South Korean stars like Thailand better than Malaysia.

While Malaysia suffers a severe dearth of South Korean stars, neighbouring Thailand seems to be enjoying a healthy flow of Hallyu stars into their land.

Be kind to wild animals: Taegoon plumps up
a tiger cub

Newbie Taegoon visited Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya) from March 21 to 23. This is the Call Me singer’s first overseas event after debuting on Jan 17.

Taegoon went on a media blitz while at the land of smiles. He appeared on the country’s highest-rated talk show as well as tackled radio, newspaper and magazine interviews.

Fans also got to meet Taegoon up close and personal at the Central World fan meeting where the talent rocked the house with his hit track Call Me. He also autographed CDs for the lucky screaming fans.

Sawadikap Thailand!: 'Wow, summer shopping time? I'm game.'

Clap, clap, clap: Taegoon gets a rousing applause for
just being there

Were you there at one of Taegoon’s many events? If you weren’t, no worries as Taegoon’s promotional activities will be shown on Thailand’s MTV network.

Source: Newsen

Taegoon says Call Me


coro said...

Taegoon sense of style reminds me of Rain... oh Rain.. he's fading in my heart.. fangirlsm wont stay long, a matter of fact..

Anonymous said...

I'm really jealous of the people in Thailand. T.T

Orchid said...

In the first pic he looks like Rain. In the 2nd and 3rd pic he looks like Micky from TVXQ!

Wawa said...

thailand is one of the biggest market for korean artists... gosh!!! please come to malaysia... hahaha!

ridhwan joker13 said...

bark! first was SNSD, now taegoon..crap. come visit malaysia lar!

Miss Healerzz said...

lol at severe death of Korean stars!!

Ji-enne said...

WAAAAIIIIII DDDDDDD; Only TVXQ pities us Malaysians haha.

Anonymous said...

im sooo jealous of ppl of Thailand.
*envious look*

ryneil said...

gosh... i hope korean artist will come to malaysia.. thailand, please give us chance to meet them..

Anonymous said...

i love korean dramas and korean celebrities. but i am kind of glad that malaysia is not on the band-wagon of the whole korean fever. i don't really know why. but keep up the good work korean celebrities. sarang hae....


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