Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Song Il-gook to visit Hawaii

Hello friends in Hawaii, check it out! South Korean actor Song Il-gook (Jumong, Kingdom of Wind) will be visiting Hawaii from March 20 – 24.

Aloha: 'Get ready, Hawaii...I'm coming over.'

According to event organiser Beauty Touch, the 38-year-old actor and entourage will be arriving on March 20 (Friday) at the Honolulu International airport on Korean Air flight #KE-051. Time of arrival is 8.40am.

Song, along with other K-pop talents such as Ko Hyun-wook and Park Sun-ju, will be appearing in the Variety Show 3.21, which will be held at the Blaisdell Concert Hall on March 21 (6pm – 9pm).

Showtime: A night of fun with Song Il-gook ;-)

Song will be departing for South Korea on March 24 (Tuesday) at 10.35am on Korean Air flight #KE-052.

If you live in Hawaii and would love to be a part of the exciting event, make sure you check out the March 21 show. Details on where to get tickets and such are at: Showbiz Media

Enjoy! And don't forget to take loads of photos ;-).

Source: K-popped! reader Gerrie Nakamura

Who's Song Il-gook again? :-P


Orchid said...

Ah lucky Hawaiian fans will get to see Song Il Gook in the flesh! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

awwww .... i'm soooo jealous.


Anonymous said...

liz, orchid

SIG had a fan meeting in Lotte Dept Store, Seoul on 14th Feb. Lots of pics in Soompi and few video clips uploaded in YT.

Another fan meeting scheduled on 11th April in Japan. The actor who played Dojin will be there too.

Seems like SIG will be singing some jazz songs .. yay.. just like he did in Lobbyist.

selva said...

he loves Hawaii so much ^^ I bet he will celebrate his wedding anniversary there, and maybe we'll get to see his wife FINALLY lol
I'm also so excited about his Jazz singing in the upcoming Japan fan meeting ^^ his voice was sooooooo cool when he sang "come fly with me" in the lobbyist ♥

Anonymous said...

thanks you so much for the news yay!

Anonymous said...


it's actually the song il gook official fan club who are bringing them downnnn:D

Anonymous said...

oh...thank you for the information. I actually got a free ticket and was wondering if it was for real...So yay!

Anonymous said...

liz, orchid;

re his visit to hawaii. more news here

SIG will be awarded the Ambassador of Hallyu.


Anonymous said...

liz, orchid,

his hawaiian visit photos are up in soompi! and link to a video clip of his press conference too.

btw, re - Gerrie Nakamura who gave u the tip abt SIG hawaiian visit. i found a story about her + pic. below is the link.


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