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Where to eat Jajangmyeon in Seoul?

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Where do you find a decent bowl of Jajangmyeon in Seoul?

When we went to Seoul, we really wanted to taste Jajangmyeon.

Jajangmyeon or Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) is a dish made up of noodles cooked in black bean paste. It's unique to Korea and no other "black noodles" can substitute it. Although we do have noodles cooked in dark soya sauce here in Malaysia called "Hokkien mee" and you also have "konloh mee", it is simply not the same!

Jajangmyeon is a popular dish and is
often featured in Korean dramas.
In Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun-hye and the late Lee Eon
had a Jajangmyeon
eating competition in the first episode.

However, Jajangmyeon is not served at Korean restaurants (it is also difficult to find it on the menu at Korean restaurants here). We remember our Korean language teacher telling us that Jajangmyeon is a popular dish at Korean - Chinese restaurants! So yeah, go to a Chinese restaurant when in Seoul for a taste of this dish.

We found this Chinese restaurant at Co-ex mall and the noodle is actually quite delicious. They provide a pair of scissors so you can cut the long strands for easier consumption. The black bean paste is called "chungjang".

It is also customary for singles to partake in Jajangmyeon on Black Day (April 14th).

Ye-won Chinese restaurant at Co-ex mall, Seoul

A bowl of Jajangmyeon cost 5,000 KRW (about USD5)

Ahh...finally Liz, Orchid and Rooster get a taste of Jajangmyeon

Mix it all up, cut noodles with scissors provided, and dig in!


betchay said...

there's this basement place near hyehwa station exit 4 that serves really cheapo and yet tasty jjajang myeon... it's only 2,000 won and the place is usually full everytime i'm there...

other places to have the best jjajang myeon - chinatown in incheon and yeonhui-dong in seoul

Orchid said...

@betchay...we should have asked before we left for our trip!! :-) Those sound like good places.

Jjm RULES said...

Did ya guys know that the Korean eatery place at the food court of Mid Valley Mega Mall (3/F near Jackie Chan Fitness Center) also serves Jjajang myeon?

It's, I think, about 9 Ringgit only (approximately US 2$).

Haven't tried one yet..but looked OK(Maybe not as exactly delicious as the ones in Korea, but appeared quite similar)
Gonna try sooner or later!
The owner of the eatery is a Korean woman.

Hmmm, my mouth is watering, just thinking about eating scrumptious JJM..with raw onions & yellow pickled radishes...Yum!!

cheri said...

I tried Jajangmyeon at Arena Foodcourt,One Utama. The dish was served in a gold coloured pot-like bowl.It was quite nice despite it being quite sweet and sticky.My hand aches from having to dig out the noodles using chopsticks.It was worth a try though.

Clammy said...

Like we always joke, it's either what Koreans think is chinese food, or what Chinese people think is Korean food ha ha ha.

des@line said...

aiyak..why did u go to expensive restaurant??it costly..u suppose to go cheap chinese restaurant and the price only 3500won per also can order jajangmyeon or jampong(for muslim) from your hotel..the delivery man will send it to your door step within 3-5 minutes only..I eat jampong everyday in my dormitory..damn miss it..

des@line said...

1 more..for Korean, eat jajangmyeon without cut it..just swallow it till sound slurpppp..yummy..with yellow pammuji!!!난 짬봉 진짜 보고싶다고 모고싶어요...

Clammy said...

Jampong jajangmyeon combo... mmmm.. with Mandoo!

Orchid said...

des@line, aiya should have ordered from our hotel! Why didn't we think of that sooner! Thanks for the tip.

selva said...

hmmmmm those looks delicious, yummy :D

LOOPEY said...

i heard jjajangmyun got pork in it T___T
dang i really want to try it too!

Anonymous said...

jajangmyun is originally from China; the best Chinese jiajiangmein I had so far was in Taiwan.

|| Lyññ || said...

AH... My favourite jajangmyun or char cheong mien (As it is called here) is from Esquire Kitchen!!

Our jajangmyun version is Char Cheong Mien or also called Minced meat noodles in english... not fuk kin mien la... =)

Go try it out ^^

Jjm RULEs said...

>>>jajangmyun is originally from China; the best Chinese jiajiangmein I had so far was in Taiwan.<<<

Korean jajangmyun is TOTOALLY different from the Taiwanese counterpart!

Both are delicious in a different way.
Taiwanese one is very greasy, meaty, and the myeon is thin.
Generally small amount but delicious, too.

In comparison, Korean JJM is made of thick noodles (myun) and contains tons of onions, potatoes and otehr veges as well as some minced pork. On top, they put sliced cucumbers and ground red pepper.
You feel more veges than meat.

It's very refreshing when eaten with raw onions and yellow pickled radish called "Dan-moo-ji."

Although Taiwanese one is delicious, too, I prefer Korean JJM waaay more.

suNNy said...

Good post, Orchid!

Many Korean students when they go abroad to study, they miss Jja-jang-myun & Jjam-pong like crazy (more than kimchi), haha.

Ah, Ddu-po-kki as well!

suNNy said...

Good post, Orchid!

Many Korean students when they go abroad to study, they miss Jja-jang-myun & Jjam-pong like crazy (more than kimchi), haha.

Ah, Ddu-po-kki as well!

ana said...

what is the different btween jampong and jajangmyun?? i really want to try it!!!!!!!!

MizYingYing said...

After reading about jjajangmyun, I suddenly crave for Hokkien mee... aaahhhhhhh

Athirah said...

what are the ingredients in jajangmyun?
is it halal?


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