Thursday, 12 March 2009

Korean singer Lee An is based in Singapore

Did you know that?

friends, you probably don’t need to travel to the land of the Hallyu for your Kpop fix anymore because the Hallyu is coming to you.

The Hallyu comes to SE Asia?: Lee An is based
in Singapore

Lee An, a Korean singer who is based in Singapore, has been actively promoting his music in the Lion City since 2007. The 29-year-old has already released two albums – The Birth (2007) and Us (2008).

Originally a music producer in South Korea, Lee An chose Singapore as his base to launch his showbiz career after a chance visit to the bustling city-state.

The singer, who is no stranger to kerepek ubi kayu (tapioca chips), beh teh soh (pastry cookies filled with molasses), and durian puffs, will be releasing his third album sometime this year. He has plans to promote his music in Singapore (of course) and other neighbouring countries such as Indonesia…and Malaysia (we hope).

In January 2009, Lee An flew to Indonesia for a showcase as well as to appear on the local TV and radio stations.

Ni hao ma?: Lee An learns Mandarin to woo the Chinese-speaking fans
(don't forget about "bananas" like me, Lee An)

Lee An’s debut album contained 9 Korean tracks, which included ballads and upbeat Latin-inspired songs. The talent, who likes scuba diving, golfing and racing cars, also learned Mandarin and had included three Korean-Mandarin tracks in his sophomore album.

Want to listen to some Lee An music? Watch the MV for Us (2nd album) below!

And if you like him that much and need to keep up with his activities, surf on over to his blog at:


Anonymous said...

Oh please. No one in Singapore cares about Lee Ann. And he's over the hill!! Give me the jailbait in Korea anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Wa~ Lee An~ so cool~

Halimah said...

Thanks for featuring Lee An in your article! ^^

Anyway, 1st "Anonymous", jailbaits are in a different category. As much as I support jailbaits, I support those with talents too. ^^

P.S: At least I dare leave my name :p

Lee Hua said...

Thanks for featuring Lee An ^^
Hope will have more of his in future... Support him and his noce music ^^

noizumi said...

Woah... u got Lee An here..
thanks 4 the article Liz~~

He's a talented singer, and deserved a promotion heavily!!

u should meet him in person...
he's so much handsome in person...
the pics don't do him justice... ^^

legra said...

this is nice to read

Su said...

Lee An ssi getting more exposure!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the article! ^ ^
Nice to read it!

Kimchi♥Panda said...

Hey Liz...
it has been sometimes since i left some msg here since The Cross event... haha! Nice to see some features on LeeAn as he've got a good voice!

Hope to see more updates on LeeAn and other kpop news ya ^^
thanks again and again! ^^

Anonymous said...

Great article, showing well-done research . Nice touch there, adding the kerepek ubi kayu and durian puffs. Those are pretty current updates!

It isn't always easy to uproot oneself to start in a foreign land. So, Lee An has conquered all odds to be based in small and sunny Singapore. Think about it, this is a country which exports its own singers to make a name for themselves. Instead, we have Lee An who comes all the way from South Korea to take a chance on Singapore. He has even adopted Singapore as a second home, like a hoem away from home.

Listen to his songs before you make a judgment. Better yet, attend one of his events and feel his presence and personality for yourself. While korean singers have been known to be snooty and aloof (sometimes thanks to their management companies), Lee An has shown that he has no superstar airs at all.

Don't take my word for it. Read all the news reports. Every reporter walks away being pleased with his warmth and friendliness.

Take a chance on him. Attend one of his performances. See, experience for yourself... it isn't IMpossible. Lee An will be making the rounds in Malaysia and Indonesia soon... Lee An, always the
friendly chap he is, treats his fans like family. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy can see Lee An in this website
because He's very Talanted artis. He's song & Voice very GOOD..^_^ & I Like see He's perform ^_^
He's very KIND FRIENDLY, LOW PROFILE & FUNNY...SO I Promise to Support He's for ever ^_^

Thx for Lee An News in this website.
I Hope can see many News about Lee An in this Website ^_^ Thx

IRA ( Fans From Jakarta, Indonesia )

Anonymous said...

Nice article of Lee An. Met him in an event before and he is a nice and friendly person. He treats his fans well. His fans are glad to have him. His voice is good and I enjoy his songs. Hope he will have more exposure.

Anonymous said...

just asking.....??????

isn't their another korean female singer who uses the same name????
it might be spell like
-Lee & / Lee Ann / Lee An

the one who sang in "He is Cool" i don't think the song is in the OST but saw the MV of her song

all i know is that she also have 2 albums out.

just curious...can anyone tell me I'm confuse(?_?)

noizumi said...

@anonymous above me:
yes there is a female korean singer named Lee An also...
she's a good singer and pretty also...
but i don't know her well...

hope this help... ^^

Risda said...

Kimchi Kiss, Lee-an..

Hi my name is Risda from Indonesia.
And today is his 2nd trip to Jakarta. I met him and saw him singing live during the KTO Roadshow event here, and took some photos with him. Obviously, he's got the talent to be a good singer. Cool voice. Hope he'll be more success and be known all over Asia. Fighting, Lee-an!!!


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