Thursday, 23 April 2009

Alex of Clazziquai and baby

Did the smooth-voiced Alex of Clazziquai sneak off and have a baby of his own? Fret not, girls...he didn’t.

Hungry: 'Drink up, little one. Milk will make
you strong and healthy.'

Enthusiasm: 'Why can't I feed him
another bottle? He looked so hungry.'

The singer visited a shelter home for young kids on April 22 and was seen feeding and playing with the babies. The 30-year-old seems real happy playing Daddy :-).

Belcher: 'Alrighty young man, give Papa one
good and loud burp.'

Playtime: 'Heya pretty, wanna play hide-and-seek?'


izza lemonade said...

owww~that was sweet.x)

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Ummmm...I don't think he can have a baby of his own. Doesn't that require a female as well? Classiquai is SUPER GOOD! they were recently stateside for our "Victory Concert"! I am humbled, and very happy to hear he was at a shelter for youngsters! Alex is totally a class-act!

rEbEcca said...

aww~ i love Alex! he's totally 100% man!


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