Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jessica Gomez in Cosmopolitan

The Australian model of Chinese and Portugese decent strips to a bikini for Cosmopolitan (May '09 issue?). So what if she's not Korean, she locked lips with Tei and had a beer with Lee Min Ho!

More pics after the jump...

Well, looks like this Aussie beauty has done pretty well for herself in Hallyuwood - a music video here, a CF there. I wonder which Hallyu star will partner up with her next for a project!

If you must know, her vitals are 33-23-35 and standing at 177cm. ;p

Echoing the words of a fellow K-popped! reader, "Jessica Gomez is hot like goreng pisang panas*!" You got that right. ;)

* For our foreign friends, that's tongue scaldingly hot banana fritters.  


xoxcinderellaxox said...

She doesn't exactly have a flat stomach but that's what I love! It's like she's being true to herself. "I don't have AMAZING abs but I'm still HOT!!" LOL

Debo said...

At least the magazine is featuring a girl with curves rather then than the twiglets that you see in most korean magazines.

nanienooraini said...

she can't speak korean, can she??

Rooster said...

@nanienooraini: probably not. :(

Anonymous said...

isn't it should be pisang goreng panas?instead of goreng pisang panas?


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